Every family is a church. No assembly claiming to be a church will endure if it is not upheld by the family, by families. The true family, the one that pleases God, fears Him, and remains faithful in all things. Every rebellious family is the work of Satan, the agent of the little dwarf, and cannot bear the Church, except by being delivered from it.

My family served the little dwarf. My father raised an altar in honor of Astarte and Krishna, whom he identifies with the Holy Virgin described in some Catholic prayers as the Queen of Heaven or the Mystical Rose. I said these prayers when I was a child and adolescent, under the weight of religion. Today, I am free. Nothing will take the place of my personal, intimate, and secret relationship with God, not even religion. Whether Catholic, apostolic, Protestant, revivalist, Muslim, Buddhist, animist, etc… When it is subject to dogma and not to the Word, religion becomes a flame of fire that stinks up the celestial palace and its divine sanctuary.

The awakened are no more saved than Catholics. And Catholics are no more devoted than apostolics. Who on this earth, I say on this earth, has ever been saved by religion or by their religion? I know not a single man, not even Christ, who was, although he was not religious and conducted his ministry on the margins of the religious of his time.

Why is our generation foolish and our families inert? Any family that fails in its mission will not be spared from judgment. And even those who succeed will pass through the Sword of judgment. It is better to have repentance and sacrifices of thanksgiving than complaints and ignorance.

This text is an excerpt from the book “BACK AND BACK: For the release of families in captivity” written by Jean-Paul Marie, Pastor Samuel Binyou.

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