This is a marriage contracted with the power of waters derived from the worship of family water spirits. The main spirit of waters controlling the family transforms into a water mermaid, that is, a night spouse to lie with you, even to conceive spiritual children known as “demon babies” with you. And many Christians have spiritual demon children without knowing it. This spiritual marriage comes from the water spirits of the river, the sea, the lagoon, the marsh of worship in our villages by our parents.

These spirits embody the power of the main spirits that govern the marine world, such as the dragon, Leviathan, the sea monster, the spirit of the crocodile, the spirit of Jezebel, etc. These spirits correlate and also collaborate directly with any family member holding the power of witchcraft within the family.

When spiritually married to a family member or a human, it can take various forms of a being with two different genders (male-female). That’s why a male or female wizard can use both genders: masculine and feminine, to lie with a human. It can go even further to take the form of an animal to have sexual relations with a human.

When you notice in your dreams that you are lying down sometimes with a sorcerer family member as a boy, sometimes with your own sister or brother, you must be careful; there is an evil spiritual marriage that you have contracted with a powerful water spirit, capable of blocking your entire life, even your affairs, work, ministry, business, studies, etc. It is a very evil spirit.

I have encountered couples where one or the other was spiritually married to a water spirit as a night spouse. And the majority of these people’s lives were limited, with no progress whatsoever. This spirit is capable of destroying the home if you dare to marry; it is extremely jealous and does not like to share the person it has married with another. I have seen how it destroyed the man’s work right after the normal marriage. It is capable of killing one of the spouses if God does not have a hand in your life or control over your spouse.

This text is an excerpt from the book “DIVORCE FROM EVIL SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE” written by Apostle Beni Hugues Mvemba.

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