The phrase “man is man’s chief enemy” reflects the idea that conflicts and wars are often caused by the actions of man himself, not by external forces such as nature or the deities. This expression may also suggest that selfish motives and a lust for power can lead people to kill each other, rather than cooperate and live together. This phrase highlights the fact that although human beings have the potential to cooperate to build a more peaceful society, they can also cause many problems by choosing to act negatively towards others.

Humans can be their own worst enemy by opting to harm their fellow human beings rather than cooperate to solve the world’s problems. According to the head of the “Compassion” church, man is the first and greatest enemy of his soul.

Posing the problem, Pastor Marcelo Tunasi believes that the greatest work must be done on ourselves, because our worst enemy hides in our hearts. “Your greatest fight must be against yourself, you are your worst enemy,” wrote Marcelo Tunasi on his Twitter account consulted by It is therefore a question for this man of God to prepare our interior in order to be ready to fight against external causes or enemies.

In this regard, the philosopher Socrates had already, in his time, awakened our conscience with his famous principle “Know yourself”. For Socrates, knowing ourselves means knowing how to give the best of ourselves. It means bringing reason and intelligence to the forefront in every situation.

In summary, the phrase “man is the greatest enemy of man” means that human actions can cause the worst problems facing humanity, but these problems can also be alleviated through cooperation and understanding mutual between human beings. The surest way to fail is to develop bad habits. Wherever we encounter problems in our lives, a detrimental root cause arises from the common enemies we face.

No man is safe from this ongoing battle, but the wisest seek to identify their enemies and figure out how to defeat them. Our marriages, our families, our careers, and our friendships depend on it. “Knowing who your enemy is allows you to free yourself from it. » Maybe you’re addicted to porn. Maybe your marriage is falling apart and you don’t know how to save it. For some, finances spiral out of control.

Whatever your affliction, the cause is your enemy. Knowing who your enemy is allows you to free yourself from it. Which of these seven enemies are you facing?

This text is an extract from the book “The Enemies of Man” written by Jérémie TCHINDEBE.

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