If we do not know how to give thanks to God, we will not see the glory of God.

He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me… Psalms 50:23

God honors only those who honor Him. Here, it is the Lord Himself who asks us to be grateful to Him, because it honors Him. God exalts only those with a grateful heart. He is capable of lifting us up where no one else has the ability. Giving thanks to the Lord openly, in the sight of all, will contribute even more to honoring Him, and in return, we will benefit from His honor. At times, we ask God for many things, but fail to honor God through our thanksgiving. Let us honor God for His blessings in our lives by offering Him multiple thanksgiving actions, so that by His grace, we too may be honored by Him.

This text is an excerpt from the book “MATONDO: Living through Thanksgiving ” written by Pasteur Lévi Kongolo.

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