We say invisible because these women are generally behind their husbands. They are not on the podium, they are not in the spotlight. Yet, they play a significant role and do great work in the ministry of the man of God whom the people acclaim and applaud. I would like to give you an illustration: When a car passes in front of us, our eyes are often fixed on the driver, the brand, the model, the shape, the color, the beauty, etc.

However, there is also a very important element in this vehicle that we do not see as it passes. This element is called the pedal, the PEDAL has three pedals for manual transmission vehicles and two pedals for automatic transmission vehicles. It is through the pedal that the car moves forward, stops, and accelerates. Thus, if the driver signals to the engine that he wants to shift to a higher speed, as long as the pedal has not been engaged or associated with this action, the car will stall or not undergo this speed change.

Let me tell you this, the man of God is like this car that we see, God is the driver, the Holy Spirit is his engine, anointing is his fuel, and do you know what his wife represents? Of course, his WIFE is the PEDAL that allows him to move forward, stop, and accelerate. We do not see his WIFE when this man is in action, but she operates this dynamic man that you see.

Are you the wife of a servant of God? Know this: you have power. Perhaps unknown to men, maybe unknown to your husband, but you have it. It is also time for you to activate it so that your husband’s ministry takes on a different dimension. It is time for you to act.

This text is an excerpt from the book “INVISIBLE POWER OF WOMEN OF SERVANT OF GOD” written by David KALONJI.

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