I was visiting a seed and agricultural training center when, with our guide, we reached a place where he presented to us, with a radiant face, a special seed of tomatoes from Israel. He enthusiastically explained something like this (I no longer remember the exact numbers):

“If our local seeds produce ten tomatoes per plant, this one produces sixty.”

The tomatoes it produces are twice as large, and they are highly resistant to harmful insects. The benefits of this seed were so significant that its arrival at the center was celebrated. The agronomists had not yet used it on a large scale, but just having this renowned seed was already an event. The few tomatoes from the experimental plants of this famous seed that I saw with my own eyes convinced me of the special nature of this seed.

According to Galatians 22, Divine Joy is a fruit. This fruit is exceptional: it is more beautiful, more resilient than anything the world can bring you as joy. But like any fruit, it originates from a seed.

To benefit from these exceptional tomatoes, the research center had to sow the received seed, nurture it before it manifested its fruit. The Spirit of Jesus is the wonderful seed that, in you, will produce the incredible fruit that will nourish you and multitudes.

All fruits, as I mentioned earlier, begin with a seed that is planted. Divine Joy, as a fruit, comes from the seed of the Salvation grain by the Holy Spirit. Every plant needs watering and care to bear fruit. Thus, the divine life in you must be maintained to manifest its fruit of Divine Joy.

Just as agronomists rejoiced in the seed even before seeing its fruit, similarly, Christ in you is the hope of glory. If Christ is not yet in you, receive Him now in your heart as your Lord and Savior. You will thus receive the seed of life. If Christ already reigns in you, be aware that there is a seed within that can make your life completely happy, capable of rejuvenating, restoring, healing, lifting you up, etc., through its fruit of Divine Joy.

We will explore together ten lessons through which you will discover the triggers of a salvation seed, as well as the maintenance elements for the manifestation of the exquisite fruit of Divine Joy.

Most fruit trees can bear fruit in the wild, but when cultivated in a plantation, they produce better because they are well stimulated and protected. The fruits of the Spirit can manifest naturally as long as you remain attached to Christ, but with better organization, this fruit will be better and in greater quantity.

You will experience an abundance of Divine Joy, meaning that you will be able to share it with everyone who enters your environment. In your presence, there will be joy, health, and your descendants will live long and happy lives. You will become a source of Divine Joy. These lessons will help you transition from simple joy to an abundant source of Joy.

The only thing you need to do to start is to truly desire it, to decide to grow what God has given you in Christ. A plantation cannot be the fruit of chance. Decide to grow strategically.

To meditate: Isaiah 54: 1-3; Psalms 126: 5-6

PRAYER: Father, I resolve to increase this Divine Joy that you placed in me when I received Jesus.

I am reading my Bible in one year: Genesis 49: 1-33; Job 15: 1-35; Luke 2: 1-52

The Mystery of Divine Joy

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Mystery of Divine JOY – In his image to dominate, Devotions April 2, 2023 ” written by Mohammed SANOGO.

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