The Just Cause: A Reason to Go to War.

Is the reason for engaging in war, as the only reasonable means of defending a nation against an evil aggressor, morally right? As stated in the introduction, in Revelation 19:11, God with fury wages war against the Antichrist. Notice his principle of belligerence:

Then I saw the sky open, and behold, there appeared a white horse. He who sits on him is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and fights” (Rev 19:11).

It is a glorious passage from the awesome spectacle of the triumphant second coming of Christ. Note that here God only makes war when it is for a just cause. Nations considering war should do the same: consider belligerence only when the cause is just. Conquering other nations is generally a bad goal of war, because

God is for the diversification of the nations according to Genesis 11. Invading, usurping, or colonizing another nation in any way is a poor goal for the use of war. God intentionally scattered 19 the nations (11:8), and His intention is that they be kept scattered. (Thank God, this idea from Genesis 11:8 is deeply, unshakably ingrained in the fabric of our nation!

Our nation possesses the greatest war power in world history, a power that could alternatively be used to conquer the world if it were not for our deeply held beliefs from Genesis 11:8! In view of our military strength, may our abiding conscience, vision and beliefs derived from Genesis 11:8 never deviate from our corporate culture and our thinking as a nation.)


“Just cause” is the first principle a nation must consider when considering whether to resort to war. A direct threat to a nation must be imminent to justify resort to war.

This text is an extract from the book “Why This Tumult Among the Nations?” written by Jérémie TCHINDEBE.

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