There is something interesting in what Lélia Koéna has published. It is about The Law of Giving, the 2nd spiritual law of success written by Dr. Deepak Chopra. The 5 lessons to draw from the law of giving

Lesson #1: Giving is the flow of life

The universe operates through dynamic exchanges. Therefore, nothing is static. We are part of an active and constant exchange that is the flow of life. If this flow stops, it is akin to blocking the circulation of life in the universe.

To illustrate this more concretely, let’s consider the entire universe as a human body. The flow of life is akin to the bloodstream; the individuals and living beings in the universe are the organs of the body: each being equally important for the survival of the body. If we were to block the body’s blood circulation, oxygen would cease to flow, and the organs would gradually necrose until the entire body dies.

The flow of life operates in the same way. It flows through each of us via giving. Therefore, we must give and receive so that wealth and abundance (or any other desired request) can circulate in our lives.

Lesson #2: Giving is equivalent to receiving

As the universe operates through dynamic exchanges, the law of giving could also be called the “Law of Giving and Receiving.” In reality, receiving is the same as giving. Drawing a parallel with physical sciences, Antoine Lavoisier said, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” This phrase illustrates the law of conservation of energy, but it could also very well be the law of giving.


In every giving, there exists the germ of an exchange. What you give is not lost, far from it… The energy contained in what you give will transform into a new form of energy that will circulate and return to you. For nothing is lost… everything is transformed! We are energy, giving is energy, and energy transforms. Believe me, Lavoisier didn’t invent anything. In reality, he merely observed the great laws of life, as we all should do daily. Nature has so much to teach us…

Lesson #3: Giving is multiplier

Not only will the giving you do be returned to you, but it will also come back in enriched and multiplied form. Deepak Chopra teaches us that: “The energy contained in giving multiplies several times.”

Indeed, when you give, you allow the abundance of the universe to flow into your life through the flow of life (lesson #1), but you also enrich this flow. In reality, everything of value multiplies through giving. In the end, the more value you give to the flow of life, the more value you receive through this flow.

Also, if by offering you feel like you’re losing something, then your offer is not truly a gift and it will not grow. This naturally brings us to the 4th lesson.

Lesson #4: The most important thing is the intention behind the giving

The intention should always be such that it creates happiness both for the giver and the recipient of the gift. Happiness is nourishing, therefore it generates increase. To transform happiness through giving, one must draw from the energy of unconditional love. Because when giving is unconditional and comes from the heart, its return is proportional or even multiplied (cf. lesson #3). Whereas a giving done without the energy of love will not truly be a gift.

This is why the act of giving should be done with joy and love so that it reaches its full potential and returns to you multiplied.

Lesson #5: Money is life energy

According to Deepak Chopra, money is the symbol of exchanging life energy. This analysis is made through the study of the English etymology of the word money in two forms: The word “affluence,” which in English denotes wealth, fortune, abundance. It comes from the Latin “affluere” meaning “to flow towards” or “to flow abundantly.”

The word “currency,” which in English denotes currency, money. It comes from the Latin “currere” meaning “to run” or “to flow.” Thus, through these two words denoting money, we can find the dynamic and fluid nature of the energy of giving. More concretely, money is the usable result of a service we offer to others and therefore to the universe. It is directly linked to the energy of giving and the flow of life. As money is life energy, if we block its circulation by keeping it and hoarding it for ourselves, we prevent its energy from flowing into the lives of others and consequently into our own.

Like a river, money must continue to flow, circulate, to continue to flow into our lives…

How to implement the law of giving?

Practicing the law of giving is very simple: if you desire something, give it! If you want people to pay attention to you and appreciate you, then be attentive to others and appreciate them. If you ask for material abundance, help others obtain it. In other words, if you want to benefit from something good in life, try to silently benefit others from it.

  1. Give something to every person you meet

The best way to implement the law of giving is to decide to offer something every time you come into contact with someone.

Giving comes in many forms. It can be material: a flower, money, objects, etc. But it can also be immaterial: positive thoughts, wishes of happiness, and even prayers, or even a simple smile or compliment are gifts. In reality, the most powerful forms of giving are immaterial.

Today, I will offer something to everyone I come into contact with.”

  1. Receive the gifts that succeed us with gratitude

As giving can be both material and immaterial, we must learn to receive all the gifts that come our way with gratitude. These can be gifts from others, whether money or compliments. But also the singing of birds in the morning, a ray of sunshine on the cheek, raindrops that make the flowers we contemplate grow… All these examples are gifts from the universe that we must accept with gratitude.

“Today, I will receive all the gifts that are given to me with gratitude.

  1. Ensure the good circulation of wealth in your life.

To maintain the circulation of wealth and abundance in our lives, we must give the most precious goods of the universe: attention, affection, respect, and love. These are the most precious goods we can offer… and guess what? They cost nothing, yet they are of inestimable value!

Every time I meet someone, I will silently wish them happiness, joy, and laughter.”

In conclusion:

So remember that you are already rich, whether your material resources are significant or not. Because wealth is not only material. And therefore, if you are rich, you can offer great things to others. It is by giving that you will receive in abundance.

Deciding to give what we want to receive allows the abundance of the universe to flow through our lives.

All I can say following this rich thought is that the Christian must practice this law, not to seek goods in return from others, nor to be well seen or well considered, but he must do it out of love and obedience to God. The return of the elevator does not depend on him, but on God who can bless him in every possible way according to his wisdom. Because the Bible says he is saved for good works. These are the works of faith. Faith and works go together, but faith without works is dead, just as works without faith are carnal and useless.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Blessings of THANKSGIVING ACTIONS” written by Jérémie TCHINDEBE.

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