The brand represents a person’s essential character, integrity and accomplishment. The name is a brand. A person’s name reflects the value they represent and who they are.

An organization can only achieve its purpose when its leaders ensure that internal procedures are aligned with the brand promises. Values must be integrated by the organization, shaping its instinctive attitudes, behaviors and priorities.” Brad VanAuken.

What is a brand? It is the personification of a product, service or company. You can’t create wealth with a bad brand but you can go far with a great brand. A good name opens doors, brings opportunities, and allows you to be accepted into circles you might not otherwise have been able to enter.

A good name is better than great riches, And esteem is better than silver and gold. » Proverbs 22:1

If there’s one thing you should guard jealously in creating wealth, it’s your name. According to Theodore Roosevelt: “It’s better to be faithful than famous.

A good name makes you an asset and a help to your children’s future, not a burden that drags them down. Your children also need to understand that the name they have is a brand. A good name is marketable. Your name is more than a label that sets you apart from others. It’s all about the service you offer and what you stand for.

Therefore, if you want to create wealth, you need to become the type of brand that people find endearing, that cannot go unnoticed, and that people always come back to.
You don’t have to be like everyone else but the power is in a good mark.

This text is an extract from the book “The 33 Irrevocable Laws of Wealth Creation” written by Matthew Ashimolowo.

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