A soul tie is a powerful spiritual activity. It’s an emotional attachment or a particular relationship that connects one person to another. It’s possible to become literally bound or chained to someone by the soul. The soul consists of intellect, will, and emotions, and it includes what one thinks, desires, and feels.

One of my biggest mistakes was getting married without taking the time to wipe the slate clean from the past. To rid myself of all the emotions and frustrations from the past. To heal. From my parents’ divorce to the ten years of cohabitation I experienced. I was a lost and emotionally broken woman. As unbelievable as it may seem, I thought:

• I wouldn’t be able to live alone;

• I wouldn’t be able to cope alone.

To this emotional state, a slew of frustrations I experienced in this marriage were added. My emotional weakness led me not to express what I genuinely felt when I was hurt and frustrated. I bottled up a lot and took on all sorts of things.

I remember that my ex-husband and I had established moments of dialogue. The goal was to have open discussions, to talk about our frustrations, to unload everything in order to find solutions. He always had more to say than I did.

My ex-husband really wasn’t my type of man physically. Short in stature, while I am 1.76m tall without my 5 to 10 cm heels, I learned to accept it, convincing myself that I wouldn’t find better. I told myself at the time that I didn’t deserve better and that I could never have better. He had a hot temper; I knew that before saying the fateful “YES.” I thought that with marriage, he would change. I understood that marriage changes nothing, nor anyone. On the contrary, it amplifies situations.

My advice for a woman:

• Take the time to assess your life before saying “YES” before the Mayor and the Pastor or Priest.

• If you’re not sure you’re emotionally, spiritually, and physically healed, don’t get married! Because marriage won’t heal you. It will destroy you if you enter it dislocated.

• You don’t love or respect a man? Then don’t marry him. Let him go. The one destined for him will enter his life and bring him all that love and respect.

• Are you still in love with your ex? Do you still hurt for what he made you suffer? Don’t get married to get revenge. You might pay dearly for it… Very dearly!


This text is an excerpt from the book “How I Overcame a Divorce and Took Control of My Life” written by Flore DJINOU.

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