There is nothing else that robs people of their blessings like ignorance does. You cannot fully benefit from a program that you are unaware of.

Financial abundance is your right by covenant.

There are four main levels in life. Those who have none at all. That is to say, beggars, those who have some, but not enough. Those who have just enough. Those who have more than enough, that is, abundance.

These four levels are a practical description of levels of poverty and prosperity. If you are a good student of the Bible, you will discover that poverty is the fruit of ignorance. You cannot live above the level of information you have. Progress, growth, and prosperity are impossible without internal change. Inner change happens when one applies information to their situation. You need to have access to wealth in order to be able to do anything tangible on earth.

Everything you have acquired costs you something. It is a joy for God to bless His people. Our Father, God, is delighted to know that we are blessed and living in prosperity. As such, God wants to give you abundant measures of blessing.

Abraham, for example, was abundantly blessed. Today we sing, “The blessings of Abraham are mine” simply because the blessings poured out on Abraham were so abundant that they continue to flow to us from then until now.

Members of the demonic kingdom know that the shortest path to the kingdom where humans are controlled is the highway of wealth. Thus, they use many instruments to enrich men and women. This is how most of the world’s money is theirs, in their coffers.

Almost everywhere in the world, the richest people are often the ungodly. During one of my missions in England, I saw a magazine titled “The Hundred Richest Englishmen.” My intention was to find out if there was a believer among all the people on that list. Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify a single Christian on the list. There wasn’t even a single Christian on the list. It was actually a great challenge. Indeed, it credits the fact that the sons of darkness have captured the world’s wealth. But, do not worry because they can amass wealth and God will soon snatch away that wealth and put it to use for His children.

As children of God, we must experience and benefit from God’s wealth transfer program. At that time, believers were proud of their poverty. Many people accepted poverty as a norm. Holiness and poverty are seen as virtues that believers must possess in order to enter paradise.

But now we see that this is not true. Long ago, decades ago, poverty was seen as a symbol of humility. I remember the church I attended while growing up. We lived in despicable poverty when we went to that church. None of the faithful had a car. The only efficient means of transportation one of the faithful had was a “Raleigh” bicycle.

However, a particular member of the church broke the myth and prospered through aggressive prayers. He was a brother named Amos. He was the only one who spoke Igbo in this Yoruba-speaking church. Amos didn’t understand all the facets of worship. Indeed, some things escaped him. But the only thing he didn’t joke with was the series of prayer points.

When a prayer point was given in Yoruba, he quickly asked an enlightened member to translate it into English. So he quickly asked to have the prayer points translated into English and he prayed them aggressively. His voice continued to resonate strongly, even when the allotted time for prayer was over.

For Brother Amos, praying is a matter of life and death. He prayed to such an extent that all his clothes were soaked with sweat: He kept praying until one day he had a very special experience. One night as he said, “Lift up your habit,” God woke him up early in the morning and said to him, “Lift up your pillow and see what’s underneath.” To his great surprise, he discovered a dead lizard with a red head.

The Lord said to Brother Amos, “The lizard was introduced into your life when you were still a baby.” This is the spirit of poverty. Your wealth had been stolen by a satanic agent who programmed the lizard into your life. The riches are returned to you, you have recovered them. I decided to show you the lizard so that you may appreciate what I have done for you and that you may worship me, praise me. That was the end of poverty for Brother Amos.

The doors of prosperity swung wide open for Brother Amos. Only after a week he was able to buy a Mercedes Benz. The following Sunday, the brother came to church with his car. It was the first time a member of that church parked a car in front of the church. This was a new experience that made faithful members find it difficult to concentrate on the sermon that day. This happened because Brother Amos had recovered his stolen riches. At this point, I ask you to close your eyes and pray saying:

Any wealth stolen from me when I was young, I (you) recover it by fire, in the name of Jesus.


This text is an excerpt from the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda” written by Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA.

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