Our fathers erected strange altars to ensure their comfort and that of future generations without considering the consequences of such altars. They served strange gods representing Satan. Their sacrifices on these diabolical family altars became the voices of generations challenging us in the face of the future without success.

These altars were places of worship where alliances were made and sealed with the blood of sacrifices.

Therefore, these altars became the basis for family patterns and history. Since the devil cannot fight a man outside of his family pattern and history, there is usually a repetition of the negative family history expressed through family altars.

Family altars have voices, and they speak. Satan knows the mystery behind the blood on the altar, so he manipulated our fathers to build altars and sacrifice on them. These sacrifices allowed Satan and his demonic powers to extend their grip on family members and continue their destructive activities.

Many difficulties we encounter in life do not necessarily start with us. They are a continuation of what existed before us. They persist because we have not given them the attention they require. They continue because some of us believe that what our fathers did will have no effect on us.

Ah, how wrong we are, and how we have been deceived! The Bible tells us that by one man, sin entered the world, and it is also by one Man (Jesus) that righteousness comes. Wasn’t it Abraham’s act of faith that made us all participants and heirs of his blessings? Is there anyone alive today who personally knew Abraham?

Every house is built by someone.” Hebrews 3:4

Child of God, the plague ravaging your family was caused by someone in the past. I want you to know that it is not a new spirit fighting against you. No. It is the same spirit that fought your parents to where they are now or where they were yesterday. It is the same power denying you access to the next level of your life.

Family altars have set the boundaries of progress for the members of your family, and anyone who reaches these limits must stop. The altars will only speak when you reach that limit or boundary. They operate according to times and seasons, so they will only speak when you get there. Please, do not ignore this information because you do not yet see its importance.

The easiest way to understand the negative manifestations of these strange altars is to analyze the events of your life and those of your paternal and maternal family members. A deeper and careful study will increase your knowledge about it.

What would you say about a certain family of six people (four men and two women) where each of the men became blind at the age of twenty-five? The strange altars spoke against each of them at that age. Someone should stop these strange voices speaking against the men in that family.

In my experience of spiritual deliverance, I have encountered different families with similar patterns. For example, female members of a certain family had experienced divorce at a certain age. Others had experienced divorce after the birth of a son or daughter. In other families, men had stable homes but lived in great poverty, while women remained unmarried but enjoyed considerable wealth.

Once, I met a family where the women only gave birth to girls. They managed to have up to eight girls but no boys. Some time ago, a dear friend of 48 years came to me for deliverance because his sisters were dying at the age of 29; they never reached 30. In my research, I discovered that his ancestors had buried a king and a young woman alive at about 30 years old, and the young girl had uttered curses that the daughters of her killers would never live beyond her age. This incident had occurred about 100 years before this brother and his sisters were born.

In all the above examples, the people who suffered these mysterious events were not of the generation that erected the altars, yet the voices of these altars still affected them. I have seen families whose members with a bright future died prematurely and sometimes in mysterious circumstances.

In some families, you will see buildings that have remained unfinished for years. Why? Those who started them wanted to break the bonds of limitation established in the family without destroying the altars and their voices. Therefore, they were stopped.

These strange altars serve as the foundation for the demonic patterns of our families. When you look around you, you will see these demonic patterns occurring either in your mother’s or father’s lineage.

Have you never wondered why your father suffered much like his father before him, and why you have now inherited the same position of suffering? Although you blame the economy and your inability to go to university, the truth is that the level you want to reach in life has never been reached by anyone else dead or alive in your family. Something stopped them, and what was that thing? The altar. Have you thought about it?

And as long as there is no new altar to silence their voices, they will continue to speak until someone stops them. The altars and their demonic voices have established boundaries and limitations in your family, and as long as there is no new altar to silence their voices, they will continue to speak until someone stops them.


Poverty, divorce at a certain age, premature death, certain illnesses, sterility, late marriages, non-achievement, delay, poverty in old age, mental problems, etc.

When you analyze past events in your family, you will understand the mystery of the altars our fathers erected. These altars stopped us where they stopped our fathers. Time does not solve spiritual problems; rather, it complicates them because, in some cases, no one is alive to provide us with the details of what happened.

That’s why God gave us the Holy Spirit, omniscient to help us.

Many people repeat the history or family pattern and do not know that these patterns have become computerized. Our fathers experienced the analogous manifestation in their time, but ours has become scientific.

Why did your father stop where he stopped? Why did your mother stop where she stopped? And about your uncle and aunt, why did they stop where they did? And why are you (and the members of your family) going through the same experiences? Why do the men in your family, village, and tribe go through this kind of tragedy?

Think carefully and do something now! If this tragedy started with someone, then someone else can stop it, and you are that person. It is the family spirit that you have ignored that is fighting against you. The lion you refuse to kill will kill you. The problems you refuse to confront will confront you.

The enemy of your destiny would like you to ignore him and believe that he is not responsible for your pains and sorrows so that he can destroy you. Do not continue in ignorance! Ignorance is the oppressor’s strength. This book will destroy the ignorance in you and fill you with knowledge.

You cannot confront what you cannot identify. What you know will decide your impact in life. What you know will give you value for your generation. What you know will decide your stature in life.

It is the truth you know that will guarantee your freedom because your accomplishment depends on your level of knowledge. Knowledge demystifies the problems of life. Knowledge puts an end to suffering and pain.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Altar Against the Altars” written by Dr. Abraham Chigbundu.

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