• Inheriting the satanic priesthood:

The majority of Africans have at least one family idol. These idols are inherited from our ancestors. Some idols have been worshipped for hundreds of years. Various objects are worshipped in different families. Some people worship snakes, others worship coconut trees. Still, others worship trees. Despite many of these idols being broken or discarded due to civilization and the modern times we live in, their ties have remained intact.

Families have priests who take care of family idols. What does priest mean? It simply means someone who is married to the goddess. That is why most African priests and priestesses refuse to marry. They are already married to the goddess they worship. Anyone who worships an idol is married to it. That is why anyone who worships Christ is called “the spouse” of Christ.

There are two types of priests: some priests are known to be devoted to these idols, while others appear as ordinary men. There are also priests in the spiritual world. That is why we should not take everything for granted. If someone comes to your house, making dirty jokes with your children, saying, “Here is my wife or husband”. If such a person is a satanic priest, he can lead your children into a satanic spiritual marriage.

Recently a man was seriously ill to the point of death. His parents brought him back to the village. He was taken into a large bush behind the house where there was a very large black stone where they had to perform certain rites.

The priest simply asked him to repeat the following words: “Oh! Goddess, I have come today because I need your help.” “I will marry you if you give me the solution to my problem.” The man repeated what the high priest said, and he was instantly healed. But that was not all. He became the husband of the goddess. One problem was solved, but another was added.

  • Soul ties

Many people enter into satanic spiritual marriages through pagan intimate relationships. If you have had a satanic boyfriend or girlfriend to whom you have given your photos, this can lead to a soul union and ultimately to a spiritual marriage. One day, a sister came to me with a strange request. She said to me, “Here are the names of 7 men. I would like to marry only one of them. Could you make a good choice for me? But just don’t forget that the first two are rich and prosperous. They have cars. The other five are just getting by. When should I come for the answer? I looked at her and told her that I would not get involved in this madness.

I will not choose a partner for someone. I challenged her by saying that she needed deliverance because what was she doing with these 7 names? The truth hurt her and she fled. She finally decided to marry the richest of them. Her home was like hell on earth. The man almost killed her. But, to my surprise, she could not break off this relationship. Although her parents advised her to leave the house for fear of being killed. She would arrange with her parents to leave the marital home and return to them, but the next day, she would be back with this wicked husband.

This situation persisted until the point where the woman discovered that her husband was not an ordinary man. She decided to confront him. It took her a lot of courage to do so. Finally, she confronted him by saying, “I have decided to talk to you today because I am tired of your wicked actions towards me. After examining and analyzing our relationship, I have come to a conclusion: you are not a normal man. Your behavior towards me shows that you are not spiritually liberated. You cannot deny that you are a Satanic agent and I think you intend to kill me.”

The husband looked at her and laughed, saying, “I pity you. I thought you knew that you were married to a demonic husband all these years. I am not liberated. I never have been, truly, you have been married to two husbands. I am your physical husband but there is another spirit husband who is always beside me. You are married to that demonic spirit. That is why sometimes I beat you to death. You are under the oppression of two satanic agents.

The woman was very surprised and could not say anything. But she simply told him, “I know that Jesus will deliver me from both of your hands.” She was not serious in her words: why does she want Jesus to deliver her especially since at the beginning she did not allow the Lord to guide her in choosing a good husband?

  • Sexy and impure clothes:

Seductive clothing leads women into spiritual and demonic marriages. Any clothing that exposes a sensual part of your body can lead you into a demonic marriage from the world of darkness. If you advertise your body through seductive clothing and very tight or clingy clothing, this can also attract spirit husbands. That is why women who dress carelessly and in a seductive manner have difficulty keeping their homes and maintaining marital stability. They have difficulty staying with one husband because they are engaged in satanic spiritual marriages.

If a woman dresses in clothes that have traits of nudity, she may attract the attention of spirit husbands from the sea. Unclean spirit are easily attracted by seductive clothing.

  • Alliance with the first sexual partner

Most people do not know that they enter into demonic alliances by having sexual intercourse for the first time with a woman or man. We all know that when a virgin girl has sexual intercourse with a man, there will be blood. This can lead to a spiritual marriage. You can imagine the number of spiritual marriages and demonic problems that men who have already slept with several virgin girls could contract.

  • Masturbation:

The majority of people take many things lightly. For example, some engage in masturbation without knowing that they are exposing themselves to satanic attacks and satanic ties. Such people forget that the things they do have physical and spiritual implications.

  • Circumcision:

Circumcision is a very ancient practice in several parts of the world. In many societies, men and women are circumcised. But the problems lie with the person who leads the ritual circumcision ceremony, it is from him that one can determine whether the circumcised person is engaged in spiritual marriage or not.

  • Sexual perversion:

Abnormal sexual practices such as: homosexuality, bestiality, oral sex, anal sex etc. are ways in which people enter into satanic spiritual marriages

This text is an excerpt from the book “How to Receive Deliverance from Night Husbands or Wives” written by Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA.

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