Blessed is the man who patiently endures temptation, for after he has been tested he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Food for thought : 2 Corinthians 6:1-10

This is a passage of profound truth that transcends both the material and spiritual worlds. Crownings are the fruits of Patience Hupomeno, which I will call Patience Hupo. In basketball today, the king of three-point shots is Stephen Curry. He’s been training to shoot three-pointers regularly since he was a child. Even today, after every training session, he has the discipline to score thirty (30) three-point baskets in a row from different parts of the court. His coach testifies that he manages to score his thirty (30) baskets regularly in less than four minutes.

The king of free kicks in football, Juninho, despite his natural ability, shoots hundreds of free kicks from different parts of the pitch after every training session. These “kings” performed these exercises regularly, whatever the weather or obstacles; they persevered in their routine. These people understood and remained aware that natural talent was not enough to make them references, kings. They were aware that the crown could only be given by persevering with a routine. This wisdom of doing good deeds again and again despite opposition and the passage of time, until you see the rewards, is Hupomeno Patience.

When they wanted to prevent the king from raising Daniel, the enemies attacked the regularity of his prayer life (Daniel 6). They tricked him into suspending his routine for a month at the risk of being killed. But Daniel kept to his routine. He defied the wickedness and underhandedness of men, and God and the king raised him up. You too are a king, you will see your crown if you do not slacken in the good you do despite the circumstances and attitudes of Men. You will see your crown if you “Hupomeno”.

Many people regularly ask me this question: “How did you get to this level of crusades in terms of organisation, a fluence, resources, graces and miracles?” I’ve realised that in reality I’ve never stopped evangelising since my conversion. With Messages de Vie, we haven’t stopped since 1999. In the midst of war, despite a lack of money, in the face of hard knocks, betrayals and abandonments, even in the midst of a health crisis, we have, year after year, carried out evangelisations in towns, villages and nations. We have never found any valid excuse for stopping our evangelisation programmes. The current results are the fruits of Hupo’s patience.

Those who demonstrate Hupo Patience go in search of a fruit that is slow to manifest itself. In their quest, they defy all obstacles, endure all wickedness, all shortcomings until they obtain what God has promised them: the Coronation!

Hupomeno is often translated in the French Bible as patience, to persevere, to bear, to endure.

Hupomeno is surely the most important of the six types of patience, because it shows the attitude to have during the period of expectation. It is often accompanied by the Greek word Ekkaeko, which means not to slacken off.

– As I explained to you, it was because Paul showed this patience that he acquired a voice that acted as the Word of God, as accredited ambassadors do. He himself says: 

But we make ourselves commendable in every way, as servants of God, by much patience (hupomeno) in tribulation, in calamity, in distress. 2 Corinthians 6:4

Paul became a person of universal reference, not because of his eloquence, his title and his gifts, but because of his ability to get through distress by remaining firm in his life of consecration and his message.

It is not your election, nor your appointment, nor your marriage, nor your title, nor your eloquence, nor even less your anointing that will make you a model, but your endurance, even your patience, your persistence in maintaining your good values in times of trial and distress.

The wine that symbolises the Holy Spirit gets better with time.

Whatever the pressures, remain a good shepherd, a good father, a good mother, a good worker, and you’ll win the crown, you’ll become a benchmark for generations. Be patient, your crown is not far off.

The world needs people like Abraham, Moses and Paul, whose voice on earth is regarded as a voice in heaven. Be patient Hupomeno.


ACTION OF THE DAY : Decide to be patient in times of trial, in times of distress, continue to do good and you will have the crown of life, and you will become a voice in heaven.


I read my Bible in 1 year : Numbers 4 : Psalms 38, Song of Solomon 2

This text is an extract from the book “Divine Patience to Possess Hidden Treasures and Resources – In His Image to Dominate 4 ” written by Mohammed SANOGO.

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