To your resolutions will respond success; On your paths will shine the light.” Job 22:28

We believe in our ministry that we have the power to transform our world. God has given us this power. This power is the result of several internal and external forces. Our emotions influence our decisions. Our decisions determine our actions. Our actions determine our habits.

The habits we repeat become our character.

Our character determines our destination in life. Every day you are called to make decisions, whether you want to or not. Every moment of your life, you have multiple choices before you. The closer you get to the pinnacle of success, the more imperative it is for you to decide. If you don’t, others will do it for you. Those who do not decide follow the crowd. You will certainly lose your identity.

To not leave your destiny in the hands of others, you must resolve to make your decisions. Every decision you make has a positive or negative impact on you. You should not be afraid to decide. Don’t let fear be an obstacle. Great men are decision-makers.

When you decide, you send three signals to the world around you:

i. You let them know your choice;

ii. You show your ability to take responsibility;

iii. You are ready to act.

We have listed for you the ten commandments that will certainly help you make decisions that will positively transform your life.

iv. Never make a permanent decision in a temporary situation;

v. Do not let your emotions lead you to make decisions that will harm you later;

vi. Consider all options and take full responsibility for your decisions;

vii. Stop, look, listen to advice but always come back to your heart. Pray to be guided;

viii. Be sure you have all possible information;

ix. Consider the consequences before speaking out;

x. Do not let your expectations exceed your potential;

xi. Consider the time;

xii. Have confidence in yourself;

xiii. Be ready to fight for your decisions.

Confession: By the power of the resurrection, I possess a very powerful decision-making power. My decisions elevate me to a higher level in every season. Every day I move forward with small steps that lead me to the glorious fulfillment of my destiny.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, grant me the power to make the best choices. Under your guidance, I maximize my mental strength to act. My potential is great, and it nullifies all difficult circumstances on my path.

This text is an excerpt from the book “52 Secrets to Accomplish Your Prophetic Destiny” written by Apostle Joel AYATODE.

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