Love is a very popular topic in society: From movies to magazines, from magazines to music, love is all we talk about. But when the purpose of a romantic relationship is not understood, its abuse and mismanagement are inevitable. That’s why many girls today fall in love just for sexual pleasure and move from one romantic relationship to another once they are not sexually satisfied. The question to ask then is: what comes next after I fall in love?

Indeed, just as man is composed of three parts: body, soul, and spirit; every romantic relationship is also composed of three parts: a body, a soul, and a spirit. I define the body of a romantic relationship as dating, its soul as engagement, and its spirit as marriage. Just as the body is the first visible part of man; dating is also the first visible part of a romantic relationship.

In this visible part, a man gets to know the woman by having multiple dates. But during this period, some truths about their lives are not yet revealed. To access them, both must reach the second invisible part which is the soul or engagement. It is in this phase that some truths about their lives are revealed because they are now intimate with each other.

However, the intimacy I’m referring to here is emotional intimacy and not sexual intimacy. I also take this opportunity to tell you not to disclose your entire past and present life to a man during dating, for fear that he will silently drift away from you after discovering certain things about your life. Imagine if you tell him on the first day of your meeting that you have already been with six men. Wouldn’t he immediately have a different image of you? Instead, give him time to truly fall in love with you; and once convinced of his commitment, you can tell him.

The third and final part is the spirit, also known as marriage. Here you are free to know each other sexually and do everything together, as you become one flesh. That is why any romantic relationship that does not lead to dating, engagement, and marriage is just entertainment and a waste of time. So, even before thinking about starting a relationship with a…

This text is an excerpt from the book “25 Stupid Things Girls Shouldn’t Do in the Name of Love” written by Victorien Moukala Nkaya Cissé.

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