This spirit plays a similar role to that of a stabilizer in electrical currents. If the realm of darkness employs a malevolent stabilizer against you, your progress is constrained. It places a limit on the amount or sum of money you are supposed to have in your bank account, in your purse, or at home.

For instance, if demonic agents have imposed a limit of 150,000 FCFA, if you manage to find 151,000 FCFA, a beloved family member will fall ill (be it your child, spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, etc.), and you will feel compelled to spend the money to save the life of that sick person. If it’s not an illness, this malevolent stagnation spirit enters your devices and causes repeated breakdowns, even in your means of transportation.

In short, when you reach the limit set by this spirit, the devil opens his mouth to swallow the surplus money you have, and in some cases, he swallows everything, leaving you with nothing. The devil is merciless. At times, he ensures that you accumulate all the degrees and prevents you from finding employment. I declare that any boundaries or limits placed around you by this spirit be removed by the tractor of the Most High God. Move from the negative to the positive, from unemployment to employment, from minimum to maximum. In the name of Jesus.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The deliverance of souls through the destruction of Family Altars“, written by Pastor HOUEDANOU Mahugnon Jean-Jacques Dieu-Donné.

We invite you to read the article “The Spirit of Satanic Arrest” to better understand and overcome The Spirit of Malevolent Stagnation, malevolent altars.

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