The purpose of the spirit of sickness and infirmity is to destabilize you, to disrupt your body so that you are unable to engage in activities that would generate income. This spirit renders you disabled with the intention of impoverishing and ultimately killing you.

Let me share an example of a woman who was a successful trader; she had clients from all over the region who came to buy from her, making her very wealthy. Jealous of her business prosperity, some competitors in the market conspired against her. They engaged in occult practices using the sand from the soles of this woman’s feet (advice: avoid walking barefoot at the workplace, in your place of business). They sprinkled a prepared powder around the perimeter of her sales area. Naively, she walked barefoot, and some time later, she became paralyzed.

As a result, she could no longer go to the market, but these same people visited her at home, pretending to sympathize with her pain. In the end, all her customers left, she lost her place in the market, and she became poorer than words can express due to the expenses of medical care and medications. I declare that your body becomes immune to sickness and infirmity. May every spirit of sickness and infirmity launched against you be like a bullet shot at a wall, bouncing back to the sender.

This text is an excerpt from the book “The deliverance of souls through the destruction of Family Altars” written by Pastor HOUEDANOU Mahugnon Jean-Jacques Dieu-Donné.

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