Reviewing the scientific explanatory approaches to mental disorders has allowed us to see the complexity of mental illnesses, including delusional depression.

The first thing we want to point out here is that depression results from the activity, the oppression of demons. The attacks of the spirits causing depression primarily target human intelligence. It is written in Ecclesiastes 7, verse 7, that oppression makes the wise man foolish. This means, in other words, that oppression causes loss of discernment; oppression destroys censorship. If the condition worsens, the depressive may commit suicide or may start delirium and physical decline.

It often happens that depressives go to the hospital, and after a few hours of rest and sleep, most regain their senses, cease to be violent, and resume a normal life. The evil spirits behind depression like to produce and maintain sleep deprivation in their victims; since it is on active thinking that they like to introduce threats and other suggestions.

Sleep somewhat hinders their project. That is why sleep is often beneficial; it is also the reason why one should never hesitate to seek the help of a doctor in some cases of violence perpetrated by a depressive. This advice is valid for cases of insomnia and agitation.

There are cases where depression is caused by demons from practices such as drug consumption. However, we must not forget that some depressions have sources that have nothing to do with demons. It takes a lot of patience and wisdom in the cases we encounter. It is this reality that led us to start this work with a review of explanatory approaches to the causes of depression.

The depression demons access the lives of their victims through several ways that we will call here: the spiritual causes of depression. These are: sin, divine curse, bewitchment, evil spells, and the activity of evil spirits.

Depression caused by the practice of sin.

In God’s designs, man was supposed to be a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. It is the presence of the Spirit of God in man that should make man stable and firm in the ways of God. In God’s eternal designs, peace, calm, rest, tranquility, and confidence should reign in the heart of every human being. When a man commits a sin, he loses peace, inner calm, rest, and inner tranquility. Sin is therefore the first cause, the first factor that opens the door to fear, doubt, and lack of assurance. When Adam sinned, he was afraid and hid.

He answered, ‘I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.‘” Genesis 3:10

Sin makes man fearful, weak, inconsistent, and hesitant. These states of mind are conducive to depression; for sin plunges man into passivity and ruins his personality. It is pointless to seek alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to try to overcome these bad states of mind characterizing individuals who have lost the assistance of the Spirit of God because of their sins…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Deliverance From Depression” written by Pastor Boniface Menye.

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