When obstacles suddenly stand in the way of our Christian journey, on the path to conquering our Canaan, they are identified with the Red Sea. Our journey is filled with obstacles and difficulties. Thus, we find ourselves like Israel, the people of God. The Red Sea symbolizes the obstacles, difficulties, blockages, and various problems that arise during our Christian journey. It is synonymous with the conceivable battles and obstacles encountered on our journey to the promised land.

Israel did not even think they would encounter the Red Sea on their way. Suddenly, there it was, the Red Sea in front of them! When our goal is to move forward to achieve our set objectives in life, our eyes are focused forward without considering the possibility of an obstacle or blockage. It is similar to the pitfalls and traps that our adversary, the devil, sets for us on our path. However, nothing can prevent the realization and fulfillment of the vision sprinkled by God for our destiny. Our gaze must be fixed on the one who called us, the rewarder, and the fulfiller of our faith, regardless of the contrary situation.

When the Red Sea is in front of us, and behind us are our enemies, at times we may lose hope and murmur at the sight of such a situation. Then, the angel of the Lord invisibly and invincibly leads us to protect and fight for us against all adversity.

This text is an excerpt from the book “THE MYSTERY OF THE ROD” written by Apostle Beni Hugues MVEMBA M.

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