Enchantment can do nothing against Jacob, Nor divination against Israel; At the appointed time it shall be said to Jacob and to Israel, What is the work of God…” Numbers 23:23


Something to think about : 2 Corinthians 6:2

I can’t remember the title of the film… A very rich man who was thought to be dead had given instructions to his henchman and butler concerning his only son. At each stage of the child’s life, the butler was to reveal part of his father’s will. The child was only given access to certain rooms in their immense residence when he reached a certain age or achieved certain goals.

For example, on his fifth birthday he was given access to a room that revealed certain details of his parents’ lives, and when he met certain challenges he was given access to certain information, instructions and resources. So it was that after he started secondary school, after his first fight, after he got engaged, and so on, he was given certain information, instructions and resources. As he solved the riddles, a jigsaw was put together and he eventually defeated his family’s enemies and found his father.

Like this film, God hides information, missions and resources for us to discover throughout our lives.

Life is like a rope full of knots. Each knot in your life is a seal that hides (1) instructions, (2) resources, and (3) a mission for the given season. Each seal (knot) must be untied in its own time.

The young man in the film realised that the locked rooms in the house hid treasures that belonged to him, so he found a roundabout way of getting into one of the rooms before time. He found an enormous amount of money. He was supposed to open this room just as the stock market was about to allow him to buy a company he was due to acquire.

His immaturity and impatience led him to squander the money. His impatience led him to reveal a treasure too soon, endangering plans for his life.

Time will lead you inexorably towards the knots, towards sealed treasures. For example, you will be wasting your material resources if you untie the knot of your wealth before you acquire management wisdom. Or you will be destroyed by pride if you break the seal of your elevation too soon. You can also break your home and your relationships, if you have not been prepared to manage your great notoriety.

As you approach the unsealing, certain signs will show you that something important is about to happen. Take care at this time, so that impatience does not cause you to produce an Ishmael who will fight against your promise (Isaac). Take care that the desire to appear, to enrich yourself, does not expose you before the appointed time, for it is said: 

It will be told you in the appointed time what the work of God is.” (Numbers 23:23)

There are times and seasons that God has marked in your life to manifest what He has hidden in you (Galatians 4:2).

As Numbers 23:23 says, if you were patient when the knot was tied, when it is untied all things will fall into place for you to do God’s work. Patience is the character of God that enables you to deal with the mysteries of your life at the appointed time: to obtain instructions, to receive your mission, and the resources you need to carry out that mission.

Divine Patience not only gives you the ability to wait, but also leads you to act, to carry out the good deeds that will mature you for the appointed time.

Be divinely patient.


PRAYER : Lord, grant me to show Your patience until the time is ripe for the revelation of every treasure buried within me, in Jesus’ name.


I read my Bible in 1 year : Leviticus 8; Psalms 9; Proverbs 23

This text is an extract from the book “Divine Patience to Possess Hidden Treasures and Resources – In His Image to Dominate 4” written by Mohammed SANOGO.

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