Fidelity consists of three main facets that are a “must”. There are: (1) Fidelity to God, (2) fidelity to our friends, (3) the action of this fidelity, or in other words, service. These three aspects of fidelity are essential.

The first aspect is fidelity to God. Long dissertations are not needed to know that we must remain faithful to God. Nevertheless, if we are truly faithful to God, it will manifest itself in the other two areas.

The second aspect is fidelity to our friends. This is an area in which we must quickly improve (especially charismatics)! Remember that this is the area where Timothy made the most mistakes! He surrounded himself with influential people who were probably qualified but lacked fidelity. When he needed them, they were already gone!

Before God entrusts you with greater responsibilities within your local church, He will ensure that you can be faithful and devoted to your pastor and your church. Truly, if you cannot consider that a man of God is also a normal man, then you do not deserve a position of responsibility alongside him.

If you are not devoted enough to believe that your pastor is still anointed even when he is in internal conflict, then you certainly should not be in a position of responsibility. We remain human after all, and pastors (or those in any position of authority) need to be surrounded by faithful individuals, people who will not dwell on their faults but will continue to respect their authority.

Fidelity to friends is an absolute “plus” that God can use! Remember that we are believers living in the combat zone! When surrounded by enemy missiles, sometimes the flesh does not react well. These missiles have a way of causing us to stray from the path, to awaken the flesh. It happens to everyone. Will you remain faithful to your friendship no matter what?

The third aspect of fidelity is fidelity in action or in service to the work of God. In other words, learning to become a servant, doing what you are asked to do when you are asked, even when your flesh rebels. God will give great power to those who are faithful…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Living in the Combat Zone” written by Rick Renner.

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