Inspired by God, Paul reveals an important way in which men and women should approach God.

The man should pray with his head uncovered, while the woman should pray with her head veiled (1 Corinthians 1:4-5). The debate over veiling prevents us from seeing what Paul is really talking about: a veil of submission is essential for a woman to contemplate (pray) and prophesy, while a man must not wear one. According to the culture of Paul’s time, the veil was a sign of submission (1 Corinthians II:10).

As a woman, the delicacy with which God created you makes you more sensitive to the details of behaviour (1 Peter 3:7). 

Eve’s eyes saw details of the fruit that made her eager to become like God. Sarah’s sensitivity made her impatient in waiting for the promised child, then irritable with Hagar to the point of pushing her to leave when it was not time for her to leave.

God asks the woman to put on the veil to pray and preach, because unlike the headscarf, the veil covers not just the hair, but the whole head, i.e. your vision, your speech, your perception in general. The veil has a filtering effect. A veiled woman’s eyes, speech and sense of smell are filtered. 

By telling you to wear the veil, God wants you to filter your perceptions and messages through your submission. Without the veil, if you become frustrated, you’ll be more likely to show anger than to show the slowness to anger that is Patience Arek. You will not be able to contemplate God’s SLOWNESS to anger, but you will aspire to His

ANGER against the slow. With the veil, you will not act according to your feelings of the moment, but according to your submission.

Without the veil, your sensitivity of the moment will make long waits painful (Patience Makro), but submit, so as not to say something senseless.

Each time you enter into contemplation, wear the veil of submission, even if you wish to wear a physical veil, do so first in your heart, wear the veil in spirit. Being sensitive to details is not a fault, but must absolutely be complemented by a more global vision of the Lord.

Being the image of God, man was designed to see the whole of God’s plan. But he necessarily needs the woman to manage the details, because God is also in the details. The vision of detail must submit to the global vision in order to move in the right direction. 

Man, when you pray, don’t wear the veil and see as God does. Woman, when you pray, wear the veil so that you can submit your sensitivity to the global plan.

You, man, don’t forget or neglect the detail that your wife sees, it will sublimate your path.

This text is an extract from the book “Divine Patience to Possess Hidden Treasures and Resources – In His Image to Dominate 4 ” written by Mohammed SANOGO.

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