The world needs to see the fire before acknowledging that you serve the living Christ. The power of faith is the ability to demonstrate what God has done in the past. The World Needs to See the Demonstration of Christ’s Power

I had friends from the United States of America, veterans in ministry, a man accompanied by his wife, mightily used by God. They were leaving the lands of Nigeria after our fruitful ministry time together. It was Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Osborn. We had lingered so long at the house that we literally ran towards the car that would take us to the Benin City airport.

Driving furiously, we could see the plane taxiing on the runway towards takeoff. “Stop the plane,” I told the driver. “Hurry, drive towards the runway and stop its progress!” The driver obeyed. Frantically, I signaled the pilot to halt. The plane stopped, and the stairs descended. The Captain descended the steps, somewhat moved; he asked me what I wanted.

> I have two important servants of God who need to catch their international flight in Lagos,’ I replied.

> ‘But we are completely full, all seats are occupied,’ the Captain complained.

I was not ready to accept a NO for an answer. Thinking quickly about what I could do, these servants of God had to be in Lagos now if they were not to miss their flight.

> Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘Just let me board; there must be people who know me in there.’

I boarded and walked through the crowded aisles, wondering all the while what I was going to do next. I could almost feel the hostility of the passengers due to this interruption. I prayed silently in tongues, believing in God for the right word. Having stepped forward, I addressed the passengers.

> Excuse me, my friends,’ I began. ‘I have two special servants of God in my car; they need to go to Lagos today on this plane; I request that two people give up their seats so they can travel.’

They sat there, staring at me, and I could feel the displeasure in the thoughts of some. Then, becoming impatient, I pointed to two men.

> ‘You, stand up. You can travel tomorrow. And you too; God bless you; you can travel later.’

The two men obeyed; they gathered their belongings and followed me out of the plane. Then I turned to wave goodbye to those who remained on board. Amazement was still written on the faces of several as they spontaneously burst into applause of rejoicing.

Dr. T.L. Osborn and his wife were then able to board the plane, which soon became airborne.

Heaven recognizes you; the earth must do the same!

The devil has had enough fun with your business.

• Rise up and say : “Business, change!”

• Look in your bank book and say, “This red that I see is not good. Be green in the name of Jesus!”

• Look at your marriage; is the devil fighting you there? Tell him:

You foolish demon of confusion; go away in the name of Jesus! If I am a Woman of God, Satan, I release my husband from alcoholism in the name of Jesus! Demons; lose your control and hold on my wife in the name of Jesus! If I am a Man of God, Satan, let go of my family in the name of Jesus !

It is time for the devil, his children, and his agents to kneel before you to plead for their lives.”

In one of our crusades in Uyo, AKWA IBOM State, Nigeria, after ministering by the word of God, I began praying for the sick, and I had tears from the moment people received their healings. Mr. SUNDAY MATTEW IDEM was healed of paralysis on one foot. A lady named IME UKO was healed of Stomach Pains. Mr. NKORO DAVID was healed of High Blood Pressure. If I am a man of God, let the fire come…

The second person whom the Lord wants to use to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons, is you! Yes, you are the heartbeat of God. You are the one He is waiting for to answer His call. Whom shall I send? says the Lord! What is your response? However, you may yourself need healing! You may need healing in your pocket or in your bank account. If your affliction is not a headache, it might be grief, or pocket troubles, or the grief of money, or the need for children, or the grief of having a wife, or the grief of having a husband!

The Lord wants to meet this need of your heart today so that you can be free to minister to others, as you approach Him not only with your need but also with your faith. What He has done for others, He will do for you because nothing is impossible if you believe in God. If I am a man of God, let the fire come down and consume poverty and lack in the lives of God’s children today as they turn to Him with faith and belief.

In one of our crusades in Kenya, an infant was brought to the crusade venue. He was born without eyes. The face had a nose and a mouth. But the usual strip of the eyeball was absent. In place of the location was flat flesh enveloping and smoothed with the skin. When my wife saw this, she informed the child’s mother that the call for healing was announced only for those who were sick and not for those who lacked certain physical features. But the child’s mother was not discouraged. She insisted that I must pray for this situation.

There was nothing that I or anyone could say that could make the Woman change her position. Therefore, I prayed and asked God to do something. Then, Hallelujah! Before the massive crowd of this Nairobi crusade in Kenya, two eyelids appeared on that location of the flattened facial strip; and there, shone out of the lashes on the face, two wonderful eyes! Needless to say, the spectators returned tumultuously with jubilation and praises to the Almighty God. You can also be a man of God!

Shout Hallelujah !!!!!

This text is an excerpt from the book “If I am a man of God ” written by” Benson Idahosa

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