Many adults suffer from psychological issues related to the judgments their parents made about them during their childhood. Some were compared to their siblings and deemed inferior. The trauma caused by such judgments can result in damage that is difficult to repair.

Instead of judging their children, parents should educate each child individually according to the path they should follow (Proverbs 22:6). The Bible also states in Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians (Ephesians 6:4) that parents should bring up their children in the instruction of the Lord. These two biblical references first show us that each child has a specific path laid out by God. It is this path that parents must discover and then help the child stay on. The second thing the Bible reveals through these verses is that the instruction of children must be according to God. This means that children’s education should not be conditioned by worldly standards.

Parents should not be influenced by human wisdom regarding child-rearing when it contradicts the Word of God. It is adherence to the Word of God that guarantees the success of children. Parents who accept to educate their children according to God should never have to judge their children because God has made each child a masterpiece. This masterpiece came to earth filled with gifts and talents that they should eventually deliver to humanity.

Every child is an answer to a problem of humanity. The answers each child is supposed to bring to humanity are already embedded in them before birth. Just as a cornfield is embedded inside a corn seed, every child possesses within them the entirety of the greatness they are meant to manifest on earth. If a farmer can value a corn seed because it is a potential cornfield, parents should also value each child because of the greatness they carry.

The Bible confirms all of this through the story of the prophet Jeremiah. God revealed to Jeremiah that before He formed him in his mother’s womb, He knew him and appointed him as a prophet to the nations. This means that before Jeremiah learned to walk and talk, he was already a prophet to the nations. Some of our children have been appointed by God to be pastors, evangelists, doctors, pharmacists, wealth creators, architects, engineers, professional athletes, pilots, astronauts, chemists.

These are choices that God has made, and they correspond to the mission of these children. Wisdom dictates that parents respect God’s choices for each child and do everything possible to help these children manifest the greatness that is already inside them…

This text is an excerpt from the book “STOP JUDGING TO SUCCEED BETTER” written by Dominique MBOG.

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