Time Reading

Meteorology allows us to understand the different seasons that exist, and beyond that, it precisely teaches us when one season ends to make way for another. Even God created the stars and luminaries to preside over time. Without anyone having to tell us, if we see the sun setting, we will know that the moon is about to rise and that evening is approaching.

When we observe this, if we were walking in a bush, we would stop and take precautions because we know that when it gets dark, we cannot walk.

During the summer, we can move around comfortably in our underwear without any problems. But when we read the signs of the times and see that winter is approaching, we will, without being foolish, seek out heavy clothing to cover ourselves without anyone telling us to. Because reading the time signals when one season is ending to make way for another and how to prepare for it.

Everything has its time.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 – A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance;

It is extremely absurd to live under the sun, where everything changes with the passage of time, and believe that who you are or what you have will remain constant without any variation. Life is characterized by change, and time has a past, present, and future. Life, subject to time, does not influence time; it is, on the contrary, influenced by time.

We have seen kings become ordinary citizens under the sun, the wealthy become poor, the great become small, and the intelligent become foolish. Extraordinary things have become commonplace, and things for which people once went to great lengths have become obsolete with time.

Everything has its time; there is a season for all things. Just as a child can become an old man over time, know that wine can become vinegar. In time, you can see a prince on a horse today and see him become a slave on foot tomorrow. Your situation is not extraordinary; it’s merely the consequence of a changing season.

Whatever you are experiencing today, whether in your studies, business, or ministry, you may have lost partners, and the anointing you once had is no longer there. I would like to tell you, dear man of God, that the anointing, a spiritual substance granted by a being subjected to time, is also influenced by the impact of time experienced by its bearer.

Anointing is also seasonal; there may come a time in your ministry when the anointing you used to manifest no longer manifests. There may even come a time in your journey with God when you encounter an angel who wants to kill you, just as it happened to Moses. Living with the mindset of constancy in time is a mistake.

If you have partners today, tell yourself this: tomorrow you may have none. The grace you have today, tell yourself that it is possible that you won’t have it tomorrow for one simple reason: in life, nothing is guaranteed. Time doesn’t pass; we pass through time. Time doesn’t move; we move through time. Time itself doesn’t change; it’s the things around time that change. So, keep in mind that everything has a defined duration in time, and if it elapses, it passes.

This text is an excerpt from the book “When wine becomes vinegar” written by Chloé Yandoli .

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