It is a continuous process. I need my spiritual man to function with the same or even greater reality than my physical man. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it must be in both realms or with an awareness of both realms.

For me, this has become a series of “engagements” that I have made until they have become my normal day. From waking up in the morning to seek the spiritual realm, to speaking in tongues before speaking English, to analyzing the spiritual atmosphere of the places I go, it is an image of being or becoming who we are. Awareness of our spirit all the time. Awareness of the Lord’s presence all the time. The more this is done, the more our spirit leads.

A brief overview of my day.

I know it is difficult to read something like “Do it all the time” and feel like you have a comprehensive view. When I had the honor of helping Bruce Allen with the manual on faith translation, I asked how much I could put in it. He said to put everything the Lord tells you and everything you know will be helpful. So, I was able to lay out several things the Lord had me do throughout my day to stay engaged in the spiritual realm. But, I still want to give you an idea here too, without rehashing the material from the manual.

I wake up in the morning and as I wake up, I stay still and try to transition from sleep to waking more slowly. I don’t jump out of bed unless I am late. I look around my room, sometimes with my eyes open and sometimes with my eyes closed, or both. I look for manifestations of the spiritual realm.

I tend to look in the northwest corner of the room because there is quite often an angel standing there and it is quite easy to see him. Doing this “adjusts” my vision. It’s a bit like having to revisit a vision or experience in the imagination realm. It brings about a much easier manifestation.

As I get ready for work, I pray and worship. I apply the blood over my family and home. This can take half an hour to an hour. I continue this process while driving to work. I am continually looking for the invisible and I am not disappointed. Most often, I see what I am actively looking for.

When I arrive at work, I release the Kingdom everywhere. I release the anointing and the light. I keep an eye on what is happening in the spirit. Many angels are walking around throughout the day. Sometimes I can see them clearly, most of the time I see them faintly. Sometimes, evil spirits make their presence known. I just rebuke them.

During the day, I play worship music and/or messages from anointed ministers on YouTube while I work. Many distractions come and sometimes it is a real effort to maintain my “space.”

I lift people before the throne while I work. I pray over prayer requests and intercede. I try as much as possible to experience being before the Throne as well as being in the physical realm. At the end of my workday, or during any driving time, I use this time as well to be productive in the spirit. When I get home, my wife Gordana and I share stories of supernatural encounters or manifestations throughout the day. (Today, one of the blessings was silver sparkles appearing in her mother’s Bible)

In the evening, as we communicate and visit with family or friends, we are aware that we are all there in two realities. At night, of course, I engage the Kingdom more directly by waiting on the Lord, praying, and worshiping in a focused but relaxed and intense manner. Does this seem a bit confusing? Be intense in the spirit and let your physical man take a break. “Relax, the spirit takes over.”

This is a very basic description of some of the things I do. If we do these kinds of things under the direction of the Holy Spirit, it will become normal to do the impossible. Your spirit and your flesh will not fight you as much if you have already established these things in your imagination and in your spirit.

A bit too high?

I know there will be a large number of people who will read this and say “Yes. I already do these kinds of things.” Then there will be those who have already started. And then those who wish to start. Don’t let this discourage or overwhelm you. It is a natural process. It feels like work at first, but your spirit longs for the right order to be restored in your being. Our spirit must lead under the direction of the Holy Spirit, our souls and bodies being subject. God will empower you for the task!

As we taste the fruit of faith engagements or endeavors, it really starts to become a joy and a pleasure. Walking in translation or translocation is walking in the spirit. It’s like a powerful circle, going from Glory to Glory…

This text is an excerpt from the book “Supernatural Transportation” written by Michael R. Van Vlymen.

We invite you to read the following article “WALKING IN THE SPIRIT“.


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