For many years, members of the kingdom of darkness have emphasized their acts of wealth and virtue transfer. They employ weapons of spiritual gathering, illegal transfer, and demonic theft to roll and steal from their victims. And as these demonic people continue to harm at various scales, God also raises His children and gives them the power to produce and multiply wealth.

In the era of the Bible, there were many examples of divine production and multiplication of wealth. This tells us that just as the children of darkness can use evil means to acquire money, the children of God also have the power, through God’s power, to acquire wealth.

Let’s look at some examples together. Jesus miraculously fed five thousand people. He produced wine from water. He took money from the mouth of a fish. Also, by the power of God, Elijah multiplied the widow’s seeds. Elisha also performed a similar miracle.

In modern times, the great Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola owned many buildings. God miraculously blessed him with numerous houses. He bought the houses at cheap prices when their owners abandoned them because they were bewitched. At that time, people were being evicted from their homes after investing huge sums in their construction. There were loud noises, screams, and cries. There were also sounds, footsteps, and hammering on the roof, which were caused by invisible forces. The owners of these houses heard the sounds of all these movements without seeing anything, anyone, or anything. These haunted houses drove away many owners. Some of them approached Apostle Babalola and asked him to buy their houses at a low price. The Apostle later became popular as the one who could buy any haunted house. Thus, unbelievers were busy selling them for next to nothing. And that’s how he acquired many houses that he never built.

This is what we mean when we talk about wealth transfer.

Some years ago, I had an almost similar experience. There was a fact that I didn’t even have enough money to own a haunted house. It was a beautiful building in which the owner couldn’t live. He said that every night he heard strange voices. Some pastors accompanied me to pray and anoint the place. As soon as we arrived, we heard the same voices the owner complained about.

A violent sound came from the roof. We asked him permission to break a bit of the ceiling. When we opened the ceiling with a piece of wood, we sprinkled the roof with anointing oil. There was a loud noise as if a giant python had fallen to the ground. All of us, myself included, ran away.

We made arrangements to return to the site and sneakily looked inside the house. To our surprise, we found five live pythons on the floor. Since we knew we were engaged in spiritual warfare, we decided to fight the python spiritually. We continued to sprinkle them with oil; the more we sprinkled them with oil, the weaker they became.

When we realized the pythons were no longer dangerous, we now hit them with sticks until they all died. Finally, we took our Bibles and left the place.

To our surprise, the man followed us, saying, “I’m sorry I can’t live in this house anymore, I know the snakes are all dead, but I’m still scared. I’ll always be haunted by the thought of five big pythons coming out of the ceiling. Can you do something?”

If there’s anything to do now, we would propose buying the house. It was an opportunity for wealth transfer. Obviously, the man sold the house at a low price.

A man once bought three buses. Mysteriously all three buses were involved in accidents. The owner was tired of knowing that his buses had been bewitched. He decided to get rid of them and approached a fellow believer.

Again, the price was unbelievably low. The person who bought the buses was a believer who was used to spiritual warfare and deliverance. So he seized this opportunity as a way of wealth transfer. To our God belong heaven and earth. We cannot afford to live like paupers when our Father is the Author of wealth.

To benefit from the wealth transfer program, we need a comprehensive understanding of this program and its strategy. So what is this strategy?

Below is the divine wealth transfer project.

  • First Seek the Kingdom of God

Money without salvation is equivalent to poverty. If you have all the money in the world and do not know Jesus Christ, then you are the poorest man in the history of the world. Many people are busy seeking wealth when they should be busy seeking the kingdom of God. All the money, all the wealth of this world cannot be worth a single soul. The Bible says:

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” Mark 8:36

There is profit in nothing else except seeking the face of God. If you seek the kingdom of God, you will find God as well as true riches. God has promised to endow those who seek His face with blessings and divine wealth. The Bible describes wealth as “all other things” that must be given to the true worshiper.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

You must do everything to reassure yourself and especially ensure that you are born again and your name is written in the Book of Life. You must remain in the kingdom of God if you want to possess wealth. If you have wealth and do not use it as a child of God, such misuse will result in divine withdrawal of that wealth. And ultimately, it may be transferred to an ungodly person as punishment.

  • You Must Live a Life of Holiness

Your life must be clean enough for God to trust you. If your life is holy, if you are holy inside and out, there is no wealth that God cannot give you. Sharing holiness with God will be a reason that propels Him to make you a steward or treasurer to manage wealth on His behalf.

  • You Must Attack the Gates of Hell

The primary function of the gates of hell is to keep God’s children away from their places of blessing. They provoke their victims and keep them away from the corridor of divine favor. They do not want anyone to prosper. Their evil activities rest …

This text is an excerpt from the book “The Wealth Transfer Agenda” written by Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA.

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