In light of what is happening nowadays, what is lacking is awakening. Unfortunately, there is no awakening in the churches, yet Jesus comes to choose a pure church, without sin, a sanctified church. Awakening means “Chayah” in Hebrew and includes these ten elements:

  1. To live,
  2. To exist,
  3. To enjoy life,
  4. To revive,
  5. To heal,
  6. To be in good health,
  7. To revive,
  8. To refresh,
  9. To rebuild,
  10. To restore life.

That is what “awakening” means, and that is what is lacking for you; we are not talking about your responsibility in the church but about your spiritual life, your connection, your intimate relationship with God. If this does not exist in your life and it is just made up of meetings, responsibilities, you are a valley full of bones, there is no life in you.

If you die in this state, you will not see God.

It is not your responsibilities that will save you but the connection between you and God. That is awakening, and that is what many lack. If you do not experience awakening, you become a mere religious person, an ordinary individual, but Christianity is not the act of an ordinary being.

It is a spiritual life. Wherever you are, you should make a difference. Awakening is what the world is searching for. May God give you such a thirst so that you seek awakening. Awakening comes from God and not from men, but there is a price to pay to achieve it.

This text is an excerpt from the book “It’s Time For The Church Of Jesus Christ Awakens ” written by Prophet Emmanuel SAWADOGO

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