Paul isn’t talking about those kinds of ‘difficulties’. He isn’t advising on enduring cancer; he isn’t speaking to us about that type of suffering. When he says, “endure suffering,” Timothy must understand: “Timothy, you’re not the only one who’s been wounded on the battlefield. We too have been wounded. Stop believing that you’re the only one going through difficulties and join the ranks of faithful fighters, tackle the dreadful circumstances surrounding you.

The situation isn’t going to change, and in fact, it may worsen before it gets better. Instead of living the rest of your life in fear, confront your difficulties. Face your fears, and if necessary, endure suffering to accomplish this task. Suffering isn’t pleasant, but someone has to do the work, and if suffering is necessary to do it, then suffer.

Even if you’re under great internal pressure, continue to minister regardless of the cost.”

In today’s terms, one might say: “Grow up and face reality! Be a man! Don’t shy away from reality! Confront the urgency and calamity like the rest of us!” We all have different fears. You don’t fear the same thing as your neighbor. In fact, you might even feel like your fear is ridiculous. But that doesn’t change anything; you have a fear that another will never have, and vice versa.

Fear is directly related to the situation the person is going through. Someone might fear failure, another might fear illness, and another might fear rejection. These fears don’t come from God; they are generated by past experiences.

Whatever your fear, whether it’s illness, failure, rejection, suffering, insecurity, fears of trust, or others, nothing will change by burying your head in the sand. Closing your eyes and pretending it doesn’t exist won’t help you either; thinking that maybe the fears will disappear won’t get rid of it.

It is by facing it that you will overcome your fear. As long as you’re afraid, it will exert its authority in your life. Just like Timothy, you must seize the power of God, take a stand, and triumph. God will help you; He is on your side!


This text is an excerpt from the book “Living in the Combat Zone” written by Rick Renner.

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