It must be said that being under the influence of a generational curse can manifest in various forms. Generally, when you are under the grip of a generational curse, you experience complicated situations that persist in your life despite numerous prayers and fasts. You encounter systematic blockages in all areas of your life, feeling like you’re going in circles.

You also notice an invisible force that makes opportunities inaccessible to you but available to others. In your spiritual life, you observe that nothing is moving forward; despite engaging in numerous spiritual activities, you seem to regress rather than progress.

You find that your prayers appear to bear no fruit, and if they do, the results are meager. Financially, you earn money without benefiting from it; you work hard but receive a meager salary. You only accumulate debts and live in constant need.

You experience chronic failures in your academic, professional, material, and entrepreneurial life. Concerning your marital life, you see relationships falling apart for no valid reasons. You witness repeated divorces, going from one partner to another without experiencing a lasting marriage. If you do get married, you find your household in endless turmoil. Your spouse may suddenly claim not to love you anymore without valid reasons.

There might be moments when you earn a good salary, but all the money disappears in no time. It goes into funerals, purchasing pharmaceutical products for your frequently ill children, and various unforeseen expenses.

You notice that when you have money, problems arise in your life, in your family, or in your spouse’s family. You struggle to save, and when you decide to do so, problems deplete all your resources.

You live with a sin that you find hard to abandon. When you make the decision to leave that sin, you often relapse. You struggle to overcome anger, lying, sexual sin, and more. You might find it difficult to leave adultery, a sin that slowly eats away at your household.

If you notice that you love multiple women or men at the same time, you are under the influence of a curse connected to impure spirits. You see unfulfilled dreams and projects in your life. When you start a business or a project, you never finish it, or it collapses at the final stages.

However, the origin of these curses lies in practices that do not come from the Almighty. These idolatrous practices have placed parents and their descendants in serious problems, with spirits being the root causes. During these worships, family heads utter words, request services from ancestors or deities, and the initiators of the alliance offer animal sacrifices to seal or confirm their worship with these malevolent deities.

But what we need to understand is that when the devil tries to give us a semblance of wealth or protection, what he takes in return is substantial. This is how the glory and blessings of our families have been confiscated by demons, resulting in misery, repeated failures, and blockages in our families.

This text is an excerpt from the book “Triumph Over Generational Curses” written by K. KOUAMÉ HUGUES ALAIN PAUL.

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