HONOR is a high regard and degree of esteem. It allows people to know you and to act morally towards you. Every child of God carries a seed of honor to the extent that even demons honor you.

It happened to Jesus that even demons cried out and said to him, “You are the Christ, the Son of GOD,” and he rebuked them, not allowing them to speak because they knew he was the Christ. Luke 4:41

Honor gives you the power to command, it gives you authority, it makes you stand firm. Many live and die without experiencing it in their lives even though they are destined to be honored. It is not determined by your social environment; it is determined by what you carry within you, what you know, see, and who you have decided to be.

There is a day that covers all other days in a man’s life, and this day can never be erased even when you cease to live.

Even your mother honored you by nursing you, taking care of you, carrying you everywhere she went. This means there is this natural honor with which we all came into this world.

But at a certain age, even this woman who appreciated you so much will tell you to leave her sight. All the people who loved you from the beginning begin to be indifferent to you.

The enemy, the devil, knows that honor is important and can frustrate a man when it is not in place, so he uses all kinds of negative events to deprive man of it.

The years of suffering have an expiration date. Welcome to the expiration date of all your sufferings. No matter the years in prison, there is a day of freedom, the joy of freedom cancels the sadness of the days in prison. Anyone who has been in prison, though innocent, has the right to claim damages, and when he asks, he is compensated.

Damages are the reward for pain, suffering in prison when you were not guilty.

Listen to me, the Lord in this period will use your enemies to honor you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

There is a book of records for every believer, for each of their works, and today the book of records will be opened for you.

The honor that comes from God is for eternal joy. Only honor from God lasts. Many have refused to bring their Esther who will make them remembered just out of selfishness. It took selflessness for Mordecai to present Esther to her workplace. God planned that one day Esther would speak well of Mordecai. Have you rejected your Esther or have you welcomed her?

Brothers and sisters, You have the right to Honor. I would love to share many things with you. Like Paul’s letters, I recommend this book “Your Rights as a Redeemed” written by Kingsley O. NWANKPA from which this text is extracted, to be impacted and transformed by the Holy Spirit. You have the right to Honor.

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