Don’t rush into engagement just because you feel lonely and all your friends are engaged. Honestly, you’ll regret the freedom you had in your singlehood once you’re engaged. In reality, the time of singleness is a time not to regret, but rather to cherish; because you have all the time to invest in your life. Moreover, there are some engaged and married people who even envy those who are not yet committed because they feel controlled.

When you’re single, you live as you please, because you’re not doing it to please someone, and no one will tell you: Take off that dress; don’t wear those kinds of shirts anymore; no one will ask you questions like: Who were you talking to on the phone? Where were you when your phone rang?

So, enjoy your singlehood before you dive into engagement. Because there are some stupid things you can only do when you’re single, and not when you’re engaged to someone.

However, I wouldn’t advise a girl under twenty (20) to think about a romantic relationship, regardless of her physical appearance and intellectual baggage. Because age is very important as there are certain things in life that we only discover as we age.

In the following chapter, you’ll discover twenty-five stupid things girls shouldn’t do in the name of love.

This text is an excerpt from the book “25 Stupid Things Girls Shouldn’t Do in the Name of Love” written by Victorien Moukala Nkaya Cissé.

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