Kingsley 0. Nwankpa also known as Pastor King, is the founder and Senior Pastor of STARHOUSE MINISTRIES located in the Republic of Benin. He is a prominent preacher with a strange anointing for teaching, training and restoring destinies.

He is a man of depth and revelation. Spiritual son of the servant of God, Bishop David 0. Oyedepo, He is certainly poised to become one of the best-selling authors of this generation as his books are filled with ground-breaking revelations given to him by the Holy Spirit freely accessible.
God gave him the mandate to go and restore the redemptive identity of humanity by making giants in the kingdom through the preaching of the word of restoration. Just a few years of ministry, but the result is visible and the proof of his exceptional ministries is undeniable through all kinds of life transformation testimonies. He is a man full of talents with a multifaceted dimension of ministries since he easily operates as a prophet, pastor and apostle.
Previously a singer with 2 well-known albums, ‘Wall of fire’ with the popular track ‘Great God’, released in 2011 and ‘By my Spirit’ released in 2016, he has not lost his passion for music but rather has created a platform for the youth of his ministry to emerge. He is married to Pastor Tatiana Nwankpa. They are blessed with 5 children.


    Embark on a transformative journey of faith and empowerment with “YOUR REDEMPTIVE RIGHTS,” a profound literary masterpiece that draws its wisdom from the timeless teachings of the Bible.

    Our Christian journey commences with the knowledge of our divine rights, for as believers, we are not called to passively accept every challenge that life presents. We are redeemed to stand firm, to declare our rights, and to walk boldly in the path that God has set before us.

    This wonder-packed book is a must-read for every believer seeking to unlock the fullness of their faith. Prepare to witness a life-altering transformation that will propel you forward, leaving your past behind forever. Within its pages, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and profound revelations that are found nowhere else.

    Accessing these revelations requires a deep, intimate relationship with God and His Holy Spirit – the keys to unlocking the treasures within “YOUR REDEMPTIVE RIGHTS.”

    As you delve into the pages of this extraordinary book, prepare for a spiritual surgery that will renew your mind and set you on a course of divine purpose. Your life will never be the same again.

    “YOUR REDEMPTIVE RIGHTS” – Your path to spiritual empowerment and a life filled with purpose. Embrace your destiny and seize your divine rights today!

    Kingsley O. NWANKPA

    Read free extracts from the book “YOUR REDEMPTIVE RIGHTS”.

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