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  • Personnal Skills For Effective Learning ( Resilience Series : Volume 1 )

    Are you a teacher looking for comprehensive resources to help your students develop their personal and social skills? Look no further than the “Personal Skills for Effective Learning” series! Volume 1, “Resilience,” provides an introductory overview of the concept, along with sections on “Marvellous Me,” “Emotions,” “Free to Be Me,” “My World,” and “My Time.” Volume 2, “Social Skills,” focuses on interpersonal and adaptive skills, empathy, conflict resolution, and more.

    With photocopiable worksheets and facilitators’ notes, these books are incredibly teacher-friendly. The learning points included in each section will help you keep the main focus of each worksheet in mind and understand the specific exercises’ objectives. Use these resources to introduce or clarify important topics to your students and help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for effective learning!

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  • Social skills for effective learning

    Develop self-directed and resilient learners with ‘Social Skills for Effective Learning’! This practical manual is the perfect companion for teachers and parents who want to promote emotional intelligence, empathy, conflict resolution and diversity in children. Written by former teacher and training consultant Annie Greef, the book features six units with an overview, guidelines and photocopiable activity sheets. Suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, this resource book includes a glossary of terms and an appendix linking the units to the National Curriculum. Inspire personal development and become a role model for your students with ‘Social Skills for Effective Learning’!

    Both books are excellent. They are very relevant to what we teach in relation to ”social, personal and health education”. For undergraduate students, the theory/context of each area is properly presented. The range and selection of activities is excellent and extremely applicable to experiential learning methodology. Both books have a wide range of activities that deal with emotional and social intelligence and excellent introductory reading material to the field of SPHE. I will recommend them as a basic text for our first and second year students.

    Mairead Barry, Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, School of Health Sciences


     Annie Greeff

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  • Social Skills For Effective Learning ( Resilience Series )

    Developing resilience is a crucial life skill that can be learned and applied to face life’s unexpected challenges with confidence and positivity. Resilience is not just about coping but about thriving and growing from adversity. That’s why “Resilience: The Social Skills You Need to be an Effective Learner” is the perfect resource for teachers of grades 1-8 who want to promote resilience in their students.

    This two-volume set, written by former teacher and training consultant Annie Greef, offers practical workbooks that detail a holistic approach to developing resilience in students through activities, theory, and reflective exercises. The books cover a range of topics, from interpersonal and adaptive skills to money matters and diversity, with reproducible worksheets and facilitators notes that make it easy for teachers to use in their classrooms.

    By using “Resilience: The Social Skills You Need to be an Effective Learner,” teachers can help students develop emotional competencies that go beyond the academic curriculum. Students will learn techniques for confronting life challenges, engaging with them, and bouncing back with confidence and positivity.

    In addition to benefiting students, this book can also prompt teachers to embark on a personal development journey. The author stresses the importance of teachers as role models and encourages them to examine their own beliefs about themselves and about children.

    Overall, “Resilience: The Social Skills You Need to be an Effective Learner” is an essential resource for any teacher who wants to promote the development of self-managed, resilient learners. By using this practical workbook, teachers can help their students develop the social skills and emotional competencies they need to thrive in school and beyond.

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