Personnal Skills For Effective Learning ( Resilience Series : Volume 1 )

By (author)Annie Greeff

Are you a teacher looking for comprehensive resources to help your students develop their personal and social skills? Look no further than the “Personal Skills for Effective Learning” series! Volume 1, “Resilience,” provides an introductory overview of the concept, along with sections on “Marvellous Me,” “Emotions,” “Free to Be Me,” “My World,” and “My Time.” Volume 2, “Social Skills,” focuses on interpersonal and adaptive skills, empathy, conflict resolution, and more.

With photocopiable worksheets and facilitators’ notes, these books are incredibly teacher-friendly. The learning points included in each section will help you keep the main focus of each worksheet in mind and understand the specific exercises’ objectives. Use these resources to introduce or clarify important topics to your students and help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for effective learning!

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“Personal Skills for Effective Learning (Resilience Volume 1)” Includes sections on: Resilience (an introductory overview for the teacher and pupils) Marvellous Me Emotions Free to Be Me My World My Time Resilience Volume 2: Social Skills for Effective Learning Includes sections on: Interpersonal and Adaptive Skills Empathy Finding Solutions Conflict Moving On Money Matters Diversity Photocopiable worksheets and facilitators’ notes make these books extremely teacher-friendly. Learning points are included to remind the teacher of the main focus of worksheets and to assist the teacher in understanding what the specific exercises aim to achieve. They can also be used to introduce or clarify the topic to the students.

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