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  • Winning Invisible Battles

    There is a noticeable upurge in evil acts the  world over, foretold in the Bible, which tells us that as the end draw neaver, the wicked will do more wickedly. The world today is one huge horror-chamber and an extended theatre of spiritual wickeness. News of destiny minipulation, ritual murder, kidnapping, witchcraft etc are common place. Because the devil knowns that he has a short time to live, he has unleashed a reign of unrestrained savagery upon humanity. Unfortunately, many christians are enmeshed in this satanic cauldron.

    In his usual insightful exposition, Dr. David Oyedepo reveals the secrets of living an overcomers life in the midst of a languishing world. This book also reveals how you can win invisible battles through the blood of Jesus; how to put your angels to work and how things and situations, which otherwise woulid pose a problem will become cheaply accomplished by the mystery of the anointing oil.

    It is worthwhile to discover timeless truths that will keep the devil permanently under you feet. You are in for an unforgettable encounter!


    8.000 CFA