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  • Wonders of Kingdom Stewardship

    One of the greatest challenges confronting the church of Christ today is the lack of engagement in spiritual investments towards the advancement and enlargement of the kingdom of God. Kingdom stewardship is a commandment that makes a grand commander of everyone that engages in it. In september 1976, God gave me insight to mystery of Kingdom stewardship in Matthew 6: 33. I cal that timeless revelation “the jackpot of life”. The spirit of the Lord said to me, “Seek first my Kingdom and all ist demands and all these things that others are dying to get will be added to you”. What a wonder to seek only one thing (God’s Kingdom) and gain qualified access to all other things.

    Dr. David Oyedepo in this life changing book explains how God is glorified when you bear much fruits because fruit-bearring secures your place in Christ. Also, every child of God is a Kingdom star and it is engaging in Kingdom promotion that creates the platform for the star in you to shine. Remeber, in all labour there is profit but nothing compares with the profits that accrue to you in spiritual stewardship, as it is the most profitable of all spiritual engagements in the Kingdom. Soul winning is the Father’s foremost business on earth.


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