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  • The Three Most Important Things: In Life and Destiny

    Not everything in your life produces the same effect as far as your destiny is concerned. God gave us 24hours and it’s full of several activities that can move us towards destiny but not all of them move us at the same level and not all of them carry the same gravity. It is very important we understand this. I think one of the wrong perceptions that our generation has is that we allocate equal time, equal priority and equal interest to everything and anything. Your time for play is equal to your of prayer. Your time of gisting is equal to your time of personal development. There must be a system of prioritizing your life and I want to show you the three most important things in a man’s life in my opinion and supported by scripture. These three areas I want to show you today are worth dying for. Not everything is worth dying for. There are people who have died for nothing; there are people who have died the deaths of fool but it is important to know what is worth committing your energy, your time and your money. At the end of your life, there are only few things that will make your life count. Believe me when I tell you this. In the maze of several activities clamoring for your attention;the average young man is like a magnet attracting different things that need your attention in life and I have found out in my little experience and by the privilege of wisdom and mentorship and the word that in the end of your life, there are not more than four (4) or five (5) things that are worth living for. So, in our business;an attempt to make money, marry, serve God, grow ministries, expand, etc all of these things are important but a time must come in our life where we have to shut the door and ask ourselves “what is really important?” because many of us as I’ll be showing you, if you don’t know what is important you’ll major on the minors and minor on the majors. Read this book and be Blessed


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