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  • Is Christmas Unbelievable?

    Many people think that the story of the baby in the manger in Bethlehem is just another children’s fantasy. In this concise book, respected apologist Rebecca McLaughlin lays out the evidence that Jesus was a real person, explaining the reliability of the biblical accounts of his life and why believing in a virgin birth isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound.

    This book shows that there is a rational basis for believing that the world’s most famous story is fact and not fantasy – and how these historical events can infuse meaning and joy into our lives today. .

    4.800 CFA
  • Jesus and the Very Big Surprise.

    Not yet available in French but already exists in book: Jesus and the very big surprise.

    32 pages of art, puzzles, mazes and activities for children around Jesus and the very big surprise – the true story of Jesus, his return and how to prepare to welcome him.

    From the original work of Catalina Echeverri.
    Activities support storybook teaching
    Includes coloring, mazes and word searches to appeal to a wide age range.

    2.600 CFA
  • Key Words With Peter And Jane 11c The Open Door to Reading

    Unlock your child’s potential with Key Words with Peter and Jane! Our reading scheme is designed to help children learn to read successfully and confidently using the most frequently used words in the English language. Backed by scientific research and world-renowned, our books are the perfect tool for young learners.

    Book 11c, “Books are Exciting,” not only provides an engaging story for your child but also acts as a bridge between the words used in Readers 11a and 11b. With the completion of this book, your child will be ready to move onto book 12a and continue their reading journey.

    Our method of gradually introducing and frequently repeating key words builds your child’s confidence in recognising these words on sight. With examples such as “the,” “one,” “two,” and “he,” your child will quickly develop the essential skills needed for successful reading.

    Invest in your child’s future with Key Words with Peter and Jane. Join the thousands of parents who have seen their children thrive with our reading scheme. Order now and watch as your child unlocks a world of reading possibilities!

    2.850 CFA
  • La Bible pour les enfants

    Les plus belles histoires de la Bible, accessibles à tous grâce à :

    • une riche illustration qui les rend proches et vivantes
    • une présentation dynamique mêlant judicieusement récit et image
    • un texte authentique tiré de la traduction de la Bible en français fondamental
    • une langue simple, claire et facile à lire.

    Les références permettent de retrouver les textes dans une autre Bible.

    Avec Noé, Joseph, Ruth, Jonas, Marie, Pierre, Paul et beaucoup d’autres, petits et grands vont découvrir et vivre la grande histoire de l’amour de Dieu pour les hommes.

    À partir de 3 ans

    8.500 CFA
  • Nlrv Study Bible For Kids

    Introducing the perfect Bible for kids ages 6-10 – the NIrV Study Bible for Kids! This best-selling study Bible is the perfect tool to start your young reader on the rewarding path of reading and studying God’s Word.

    The NIrV Study Bible for Kids features the complete text of the New International Reader’s Version® (NIrV), which is written at a third-grade reading level, making it perfect for those who are just starting to read. Plus, with colorful artwork, easy-to-read Bible text, and fun features, kids will engage with the Bible in a way that makes it stick.

    This study Bible is loaded with features that will help your child understand and remember important Bible themes. The 32 full-color pages include illustrations that bring Bible characters and events to life, as well as helpful study information about the Ten Commandments, how to become a Christian, prayer, and more.

    Check It Out sketches and descriptions of what life was like in Bible times, Brain Game questions to help kids remember important Bible themes, and Soak It up key verses highlighted for kids to memorize are just a few of the engaging features that will keep your child interested and excited about reading the Bible.

    With Book Introductions that provide brief overviews of each book with an outline of key events, and a Dictionary that provides key Bible words for quick reference, the NIrV Study Bible for Kids is the perfect resource for parents and children to read and study the Bible together.

    Whether you’re looking for a gift for a young reader or want to start your own child on the path of reading and studying God’s Word, the NIrV Study Bible for Kids is the perfect choice. Order yours today and start your child on a journey of discovery and faith!

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