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  • God and the Transgender Debate

    In the West, more and more Christians are confronted with the subject of gender identity in their daily lives. Legislative changes are impacting more and more areas of life, including education, employment and public funding, with implications for religious freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience that affect everyone. This, then, is a critical time to consider how to lovingly, thoughtfully, and biblically engage with one of the most explosive cultural debates of our time.

    This warm, faithful, and compassionate book, which helps Christians understand what the Bible says about gender identity, has been updated and expanded in its entirety. It now includes a section on the use of pronouns and a new chapter that challenges some of the claims of the transgender activist movement.

    Andrew T. Walker also answers questions such as: What is transgender and gender fluidity? How should churches respond? What does the word of God really say about these issues?

    What’s new?
    Here is a summary of the main changes made to the second edition:

    A section added to Chapter 5, “Should We Expect Non-Christians to Agree with Us?”
    A section in Chapter 6 on gender dysphoria
    A new Chapter 13, “Challenging the Transgender Movement”.
    More details on what the creation story teaches us about male and female identity.
    Tips for thinking about the use of pronouns.

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