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  • The Mysteries Of Enoch and Elijah

    There is a dimension in the spirit where certain possibilities happen. All possibilities do not happen at all dimensions. This is one of the mistakes that many people do not understand. The speaking of God is prophetic in context. So you will think it is valid for all dimensions? No. No. The Bible says who shall I send to the hill of the LordThere has to be more, there is a mandate upon our generation and we must demonstrate the reality of all that we propose to men from scripture. You are not going to meet me worshiping Budha and having the same level of result that people want and you come and threatening me with hellfire and then you tell me to stop worshipping Budha and then I said OK, but while I was walking with Buda I have the opportunity to manipulate favor in my direction, I could do something in my room that will create an effect in my office and now you have told me to get born again and I sit down and am a victim of vicissitudes of life, and I asked you, is there no strategy in the kingdom that gives me an advantage? then you are quick to tell me there is, but I never work in that experience then why won’t I think it is a lie? Bible said since I was young and now I am old, I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor beg for bread, it was not a song but a man’s testimony who was from a strategy in the spirit and if you do not assume that in the spirit or have that spiritual strategy, that would never be your experience.Read This Book and Be Blessed.


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