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  • An Uncommon Guide to Retirement

    Are you approaching retirement and feeling unsure of what the future holds? Do you want more than just an endless vacation or are you unable to afford such a luxury? Look no further than divine wisdom for the answers you seek. With a purpose-filled retirement, you can find rest and reprieve while still serving God’s plan for your life. Jeff Haanen provides biblically-based guidance on taking a sabbatical rest, listening to God’s voice for your calling in retirement, rethinking work, and leaving a legacy for your family. Don’t let retirement cause you distress. Embrace a God-honoring retirement that is purpose-filled, restful, and truly biblical.

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  • Managing Stress At Work in Week

    This book will help you understand what stress is, why we are stressed, and some of its physiological and psychological symptoms. You will learn about some of the background research on the psychology of stress and examine a variety of theories and models. Most importantly, with these simple tips, practical techniques, and a few relevant examples, you’ll be able to create a nurturing and supportive environment where people know what’s expected, work hard, avoid burnout, and make a real impact. on your organization.

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  • Retirement Reality Check : How to Spend Your Money and Still Leave an Amazing Legacy

    Are you worried about how to retire in a volatile market? Look no further than Josh Jalinski’s proven retirement system that will give you peace of mind and financial security in any economic climate.

    Jalinski’s SWAN (sleep-well-at-night) retirement plan is tailored to work for people in all stages of their careers, whether you have ten or thirty years until retirement. With his fresh strategies, you can challenge fifty years of conventional retirement planning and maximize your retirement savings and spending plan.

    This system offers tax-saving strategies that will allow you to enjoy your money by maximizing the amount you have available for travel, experiences, and other expenses. You’ll learn how to identify the right investment portfolio mix for your individual circumstances and how saving cash and different life insurance options can help you weather volatility and ensure you can pass wealth on to your family.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that a 401(k) is enough for most retirees. Take control of your retirement planning with Josh Jalinski’s system, which will stand up against market volatility and be there to support you when it’s time to enjoy the years you worked to earn. Whether you’re just starting to think about retirement or have already made some decisions you regret, there are steps you can take today to reach your financial retirement goals. Start planning now and sleep well at night knowing your financial future is secure.

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    In an increasingly noisy and hectic world, finding moments of calm becomes essential to our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. “Shh… How to Have a Quiet Time” is your ultimate guide to cultivating those precious moments of tranquility and reflection for our peace and quiet.

    This book, written with deep wisdom and a practical approach, reveals the secrets to creating and maintaining daily moments of calm. Whether you are new to the practice of meditation or looking to deepen your routine of prayer and reflection, this book offers accessible and inspiring guidance for everyone.

    What you’ll discover in “Shh… How to Have a Quiet Time”:
    The Benefits of Calm: Discover how regular moments of silence can transform your life, improving your mental clarity, inner peace and spiritual connection.
    Creating Sacred Space: Practical tips for creating an environment conducive to meditation and prayer, even in the smallest spaces.
    Relaxation Techniques: Explore various relaxation and meditation methods, suitable for all levels, to soothe your mind and revitalize your soul.
    Routines and Habits: Strategies for effectively integrating these quiet moments into your busy daily life, making tranquility an essential part of your life.

    Bishop Charles Agyinasare

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