Crafty Science

By (author)Jane Bull

Looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your children to the wonders of science? Look no further than Crafty Science by award-winning author Jane Bull! This hands-on book combines art, craft, and cooking activities with scientific learning to show kids that STEAM is all around us.

With over 20 craft projects, each accompanied by a “What’s the science?” section, your child will learn about buoyancy, gravity, aerodynamics, and more as they create their own toys, sculptures, and other works of art. From making a toy raft to designing a paper butterfly to creating an ice sculpture, every project is a chance for your child to explore the world around them in a completely new way.

Crafty Science is not just a book for learning, but for bonding with your children as well. Spend quality time together as you create fun projects and learn about the scientific principles behind them. Whether you’re baking, growing, or making art, you’ll discover that science is everywhere.

With Crafty Science, your child will become a little scientist, exploring, experimenting, making, and creating their way through every project. So why wait? Order your copy today and discover science everywhere!

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This hands-on crafty science book introduces inquisitive children to the wonders of science through kids craft projects with everyday objects.
Award-winning author Jane Bull combines art, craft, and cooking activities with gentle, scientific learning, showing children that science, technology, engineering, art, and math are all around us – and in everything we make and do!

Crafty Science contains over 20 fun-filled craft activities for kids, each accompanied by a “What’s the science?” section explaining how it works. Children will learn how to make a toy raft and discover what makes their boat float. They’ll design, color, and watch a paper butterfly balance on the tip of a pencil. Or even create a cool ice sculpture and learn about the changing states of solids and liquids.

With this educational book, difficult concepts like buoyancy, gravity, and aerodynamics become meaningful and accessible to young children through play. They will discover the world around them as they have never seen it before! Little crafters will become little scientists as they explore, experiment, make, and create their way through every STEAM project.

A super fun kids’ book that can fill up many weekends with your children. It offers activities that are not just typically “science”, but include variety like baking, growing, and art projects. All use scientific principles to allow children to develop observational science.

Depending on your child’s age, a fair amount of supervision may be necessary, but these projects are so charming that we’re sure adults will have a good time with them too! Discover Science Everywhere!

Science is all around you and in everything you make and do!

Craft your way through each art, cooking, and gardening project, then learn the science behind them. Make a toy raft and find out what makes your boat float or learn why popcorn pops. Discover your wonderful world in a completely new way.

Explore the world of science through tons of stimulating experiments and fun activities for kids like:

– Making crafty boats
– Growing grass people
– Writing secret messages with invisible ink
– Making meringue mountains
– Creating a self-inflating balloon
– And much more!

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