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  • 21 Leadership Issues In The Bible : Life-Changing Lessons from Leaders in Scripture

    Looking to become a more effective leader? Whether you’re leading a team at work, in your community, or even just trying to influence those around you, the challenges you face can be daunting. But what if you had access to a source of divine wisdom that could guide you through the most common leadership issues?

    That’s exactly what Dr. John C. Maxwell offers in his new study, 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible. Drawing on his decades of experience as a leadership expert and his deep understanding of the Scriptures, John guides you through twenty-one of the most pressing issues facing leaders today, from internal struggles like identity and pride to external challenges like diversity and teamwork.

    Each lesson in this study includes detailed case studies of leaders in the Bible who faced these same issues and either succeeded or failed in their leadership. You’ll gain powerful insights into how these leaders approached their challenges, and you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies to apply to your own leadership role.

    But this study isn’t just for individual leaders. Whether you’re looking to improve your own leadership skills or to train your team in effective leadership development, 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible is the perfect resource. With group discussion questions and practical takeaways, you can use this study as a course in problem solving, or as a tool to help your team grow together in their leadership abilities.

    And perhaps most importantly, this study is grounded in the wisdom of the Bible. John C. Maxwell asserts that the Scriptures are the greatest leadership book ever written, and in this study, he shows you how to apply that wisdom to your own life and leadership. So if you’re ready to face your leadership challenges with boldness and clarity, join us for 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible and start your journey to becoming a better leader today!

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  • Acres of diamonds

    Are you feeling lost and unfulfilled in your current season of life? The Bible reminds us that God has a plan and purpose for each one of us, even when we feel like we are in a barren desert. In fact, it is often in the midst of our struggles that we can find unexpected blessings and hidden treasures.

    In the book of Matthew, Jesus taught us to seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you. This means that if we prioritize our relationship with God and seek His will, He will provide for our needs and lead us to abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

    Acres of Diamonds, written by bestselling author Jentezen Franklin, is a powerful reminder of this truth. Rather than constantly searching for greener pastures, the book encourages us to dig deep and discover the untold spiritual riches that are already within our grasp.

    Through the wisdom of this book, readers will learn to cherish and appreciate the people and circumstances that God has placed in their lives. Whether it’s our families, jobs, ministries, or communities, there is hidden potential waiting to be uncovered right where we are.

    So if you’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled, don’t give up hope. Instead, take a deep breath and start digging. With Acres of Diamonds as your guide, you can discover the limitless blessings that Jesus Christ has in store for you.


    Jentezen Franklin

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  • Attitude 101 Leadership : What Every Leader Needs to Know

    Are you tired of dealing with bad attitudes on your team? Do you want to improve your team’s performance and ensure its success? Look no further than Attitude 101 by New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

    Maxwell understands the frustration that comes with trying to lead people with bad attitudes. In this concise and reader-friendly guidebook, he provides valuable insights and practical strategies for recognizing and addressing attitude problems in yourself and others.

    Attitude is a key factor that impacts individual and team performance. By pinpointing problem feelings, behaviors, and thinking, you can identify and address six common attitude problems that undermine teamwork. And by discovering the secret to changing a bad attitude, you can create new definitions of failure and success that will improve performance.

    Remember, attitude is contagious. Adopting the right attitude can help you keep going to the next level of success. With Attitude 101, you can master attitude issues and ensure that your team is catching the right attitude. Don’t let bad attitudes ruin your team’s success. Get your copy of Attitude 101 today!

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  • Beyond Good How Technology is Leading a Purpose-Driven Business

    Introducing Beyond Good – the book that every business leader needs to read! Written by top tech influencers Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer, Beyond Good is a compelling call to arms for business leaders to recognize their potential in doing well by doing good. With global climate change and social inequalities on the rise, it’s time for corporations to step up and make a difference.

    Business for good is the philosophy that businesses can pursue profits while achieving sustainability and societal goals, and it’s already bringing about significant changes in the business world. Beyond Good delves into how fintech is leading the charge in this philosophy, and what we can all learn from it. The book features exclusive interviews with B-Corp world experts, policy makers, and executives, giving readers an insider’s look into how companies like Microsoft, Flourish Ventures, Ant Financial, Sunrise Bank, and Paypal are making a positive impact on the world.

    But Beyond Good is more than just a book about successful businesses; it’s a guide for businesses of all sizes to take actionable steps towards a better future. By unlocking the possibilities of new technologies and serving often overlooked demographics, businesses can make financial health and inclusion a reality for everyone.

    Join the movement towards a better world with Beyond Good. Read it today and discover how your business can do well by doing good!

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  • Blink :The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    Discover the world within and revolutionize your decision-making process with Blink, the latest book by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. In this landmark work, Gladwell delves into the intricate workings of our brains, and reveals the secrets behind the choices we make in the blink of an eye.

    Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally gifted decision-makers, while others seem to consistently make mistakes? Gladwell has the answers, and he shares them with you in Blink. Through fascinating case studies and insightful analysis, Gladwell reveals the power of “thin-slicing” – the ability to filter out the essential factors that matter from a sea of information.

    In Blink, you’ll meet a psychologist who can predict the longevity of a marriage with just a few minutes of observation, a tennis coach who can predict a player’s next move before they even hit the ball, and antiquities experts who can spot a fake artifact at a glance. But Blink isn’t just about success stories – Gladwell also explores the failures of “blink”, from the election of Warren Harding to the disastrous launch of “New Coke”.

    So whether you’re a business leader, a student, or just someone looking to improve your decision-making skills, Blink is a must-read. This book will change the way you think about thinking, and provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions, faster. Get your copy of Blink today and discover the power of “thin-slicing” for yourself.

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  • Brave New York : Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Organization?

    Introducing the management book of the year – Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan. As recommended by renowned authors Seth Godin and Adam Grant, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their work and their organization to the next level.

    Dignan, an expert in fast-scaling startups and global organizations, shares his proven approach for eliminating red tape, dissolving bureaucracy, and doing the best work of your life. His book tackles the common frustrations that many organizations face, such as lack of trust, bottlenecks in decision making, siloed functions and teams, meeting and email overload, and short-term thinking.

    Through the inspiring stories of successful organizations that have reinvented their operating systems, Brave New Work reveals how you can unleash your organization’s full potential. From a bank that abandoned traditional budgeting and outperformed its competition for decades, to an appliance manufacturer that divided itself into 2,000 autonomous teams resulting in rapid growth, to a healthcare provider named the “best place to work” year after year, and even a team that saved $3 million per year by cancelling one monthly meeting – the possibilities are endless.

    In this book, you’ll learn how to implement a groundswell of autonomy, trust, and transparency to improve your organization’s operating system. Whether you lead a team of ten or ten thousand, this book is the single most powerful tool you need to transform your organization.

    So why wait? Join the ranks of successful organizations that have transformed their workplaces with Brave New Work. Are you ready to take the first step towards a smarter, healthier, and more effective way of working? Get your copy now!

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  • Chosen by God

    Are you ready to discover the plan that God has designed especially for you? Do you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime as you launch out to do what He has put in your heart to do? Look no further! Our book, written by Rick Renner, will guide you towards fulfilling the plan of God for your life.

    With biblical teaching and amazing experiences, Renner shows you that life doesn’t have to be boring. He encourages, strengthens, and ignites your spirit to take your place among the ranks of others who have been awakened to God’s plan. You will discover that your life will take on new meaning as you step out to do what you were born to do.

    God has chosen you for a divine purpose, and you will never find true fulfillment until you’re walking in that purpose. Whether you have discovered the will of God or are still in the process of discovery, this book will give you the guidance you need to pursue, protect, and possess your purpose.

    Don’t miss out on the amazing adventure that God has planned for your life. Order our book today and start fulfilling the plan of God for your life!


    Rick Renner

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  • Lead For God’s Sake !: A Parable for Finding the Heart of Leadership

    Are you feeling lost and unsure of your purpose in life? Do you struggle to understand why you do what you do? Then we have the perfect book for you!

    Introducing LEAD for God’s Sake!, a captivating parable about leadership, relationships, and the pursuit of success. This unforgettable story follows the lives of an intensely-driven basketball coach, an ultra-successful CEO, and an unassuming janitor, whose paths intersect in unexpected ways.

    Packed with profound truths, this book will challenge you to think deeply about who you are as a leader, what success truly means to you, and why you do what you do. Whether you’re leading a business, a team, or your own family, this book is the first and most important step to becoming the leader you were meant to be.

    LEAD for God’s Sake! is a must-read for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration on their leadership journey. You will gain valuable insights and strategies for creating meaningful relationships, achieving your goals, and leading with purpose.

    So, if you’re ready to discover your true purpose and become the leader you were meant to be, get your hands on LEAD for God’s Sake! today. Your transformation starts now!


    Todd Gongwer & Urban Meyer

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  • Life applicable lessons from a Real estate tycoon

    Are you looking to become a successful real estate investor but don’t know where to start? Look no further than “A Real Estate Investing Roadmap”, the comprehensive guide to achieving real estate success.

    As any successful chef will tell you, a great recipe requires the right ingredients and precise measurements. The same can be said for real estate investing, where success is the result of a tried and tested recipe. With this book, you’ll learn the exact ingredients and measurements required to make your real estate investment a success.

    Unlike other investments, real estate cannot be approached without the guidance of an experienced professional. “Africa’s Number One Real Estate Bishop” brings years of expertise to the table and offers invaluable insight into the industry. With “A Real Estate Investing Roadmap,” you’ll have access to the exact recipe for real estate success, all at your fingertips.

    Investing in real estate is a significant decision, and this book will ensure you make the right investment choices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take the first step towards achieving real estate success. Purchase your copy of “A Real Estate Investing Roadmap” today!


    Adeniyi Adeyemi

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  • Spirit-Controlled Temperament

    Are you feeling lost or unsure about your purpose in life? Do you ever wonder what drives you to do the things you do? Look no further than the divine wisdom of God. He has given each and every one of us a unique temperament, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

    But fear not, for with the guidance of the Spirit, you can transform your weaknesses into strengths and become a vibrant and effective Christian. Whether you identify as Sanguine, Angry, Melancholic, or Phlegmatic, the book “Spirit-Controlled Temperament” can show you how to live above negative emotions like anger, fear, depression, and selfishness.

    So why wait? Uncover your true self and discover what motivates you. Let God transform your weaknesses into strengths and guide you towards a fulfilling and purposeful life. Order “Spirit-Controlled Temperament” today and embark on a journey towards a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.


    Tim Lalaye

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  • The Mentor Leader : Secrets to Building People and Teams That Win Consistently

    Are you looking to improve your leadership skills and help your team succeed? Look no further than Tony Dungy’s book, The Mentor Leader. Drawing on his years of experience as a successful NFL coach, Tony shares his unique leadership philosophy and the seven keys to mentoring leadership.

    Tony’s approach to leadership focuses on helping your team members become better, rather than simply achieving success for yourself. He shows how this approach can be applied to any area of life, from sports to business to family. With his guidance, you’ll learn how to bring out the best in people, recover from mistakes, and handle team discipline.

    But what sets Tony’s approach apart is his emphasis on leading with integrity and values. You don’t need to resort to intimidation tactics to get people to follow you and do their best. By becoming a mentor leader, you can inspire and motivate your team members to reach their full potential.

    Whether you’re a coach, a manager, or simply someone looking to improve your leadership skills, The Mentor Leader offers invaluable insights and practical advice. Let Tony Dungy show you how to lead with humility, compassion, and wisdom, and watch your team soar to new heights.

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  • The Nine Types Of Leader : How The Leaders Of Tomorrow Can Learn From The Leaders Of Today

    Discover the secrets of the world’s most successful leaders with The Nine Types of Leader – the ultimate guide to understanding what makes great leaders tick. Whether you’re an aspiring leader looking to improve your skills or a seasoned pro wanting to stay ahead of the game, this book is a must-read.

    Through stories, anecdotes, and insights gained from hundreds of encounters with world-class leaders, you’ll learn what it takes to be credible and how to avoid the mistakes that can hold you back. Featuring interviews with industry titans including Jean-Francois Decaux of JC Decaux, Michael Rapino of Live Nation, Zhang Ruimin of Haier, Gavin Patterson of Salesforce and Isabelle Kocher of Engie, you’ll discover how the leaders of tomorrow can improve their game by borrowing from the very best of the nine types of leader that exist today.

    Renowned journalist James Ashton assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each leadership type, highlighting where and when they are best deployed. He’ll help you identify your own leadership style and show you how to improve your performance, so you can become the leader you were always meant to be.

    As the world faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, leadership has never been more important. The Nine Types of Leader projects how future leaders can learn from what has gone before, so they can navigate the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and grace.

    Don’t miss out on this essential guide to leadership – order The Nine Types of Leader today and start your journey to becoming a better leader.

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  • The Prosperity Paradox : How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out oF Poverty

    Are you tired of seeing the same failed approaches to solving global poverty? Do you want to make a real, lasting impact on the world? Look no further than “The Prosperity Paradox” by Clayton M. Christensen, Efosa Ojomo, and Karen Dillon.

    This groundbreaking book reveals the limits of traditional economic development models and offers a new framework for creating sustainable growth. Using successful examples from American companies like Ford and Eastman Kodak, as well as from countries like Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, and Rwanda, the authors demonstrate how entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation can transform struggling economies.

    But “The Prosperity Paradox” isn’t just for business leaders. It’s a call to action for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. By applying the insights in this book, you can help create real, long-term progress in the fight against poverty.

    Don’t settle for hope as a strategy. Take action and join the movement for a better, more prosperous world. Get your copy of “The Prosperity Paradox” today.

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  • The RoadMap to RichLife : Success with Life, Relationships, and Money

    Discover the secrets to living a RichLife with our powerful new book!

    Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to finances? Are you tired of struggling with debt, trying to start a business, or just saving for the future? If so, then you need The RichLife Plan!

    This comprehensive guidebook is packed with wisdom and insight that can help you transform your financial situation and start living the life you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been struggling for years, this book is designed to help you take control of your money and create a RichLife that’s truly fulfilling.

    Unlike other financial books that focus solely on money, The RichLife Plan takes a holistic approach to wealth and success. We believe that true prosperity is about more than just a fat bank account – it’s about living a life of purpose, passion, and meaning. That’s why our book covers everything from developing a saving habit to investing in your relationships and creating memorable experiences.

    You’ll learn the secrets to getting more of what you want, getting where you want to go, and recovering from big mistakes or losses. And you’ll meet hardworking individuals like yourself who are on their own journey to creating a RichLife.

    So why wait? If you’re ready to finally take control of your finances and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, then The RichLife Plan is the book for you. Order your copy today and start your journey to prosperity!

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  • THE TRIPLE PACKAGE: Why Groups Rise and Fall in America

    Unlock the secret to success and achieve your dreams with “The Triple Package”! This groundbreaking research reveals how some groups in America achieve astonishing business success, climb out of poverty, and earn doctorates at stunningly high rates. What’s their secret? It’s the rare and potent cultural constellation known as “The Triple Package.”

    The Triple Package consists of a superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control. These elements drive disproportionate group success and are open to anyone who wishes to achieve their goals. While America may have once been a Triple Package culture, it’s losing that edge. However, the American Dream is still very much alive, and some groups have a cultural edge that enables them to take advantage of opportunities far more than others.

    Americans are taught that everyone is equal, but all of America’s most successful groups believe (even if they don’t say so aloud) that they’re exceptional, chosen, and superior in some way. Feeling good about oneself is key to success, but in all of America’s most successful groups, people tend to feel insecure, inadequate, and have to prove themselves. Finally, while America spreads a message of immediate gratification, living for the moment, all of America’s most successful groups cultivate heightened discipline and impulse control.

    But be warned, the Triple Package has a dark underside too. Each of its elements carries distinctive pathologies that, when taken to an extreme, can have truly toxic effects. The authors conclude that the Triple Package is a ladder that should be climbed and then kicked away, drawing on its power but breaking free from its constraints.

    If you’re ready to transform the way you think about success and achievement, then “The Triple Package” is the book for you. Provocative and profound, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to unlock the secret to success and achieve their dreams.


    Amy Chua & Jed Rubenfeld

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  • Who Killed Change : Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change

    Are you tired of seeing your organization’s change efforts fail time and time again? It’s frustrating to watch resources and morale drain away as a result. But fear not, divine wisdom has led us to the solution.

    The bestselling author of The One Minute Manager brings you a business parable that teaches organizations to cope successfully with change. This delightful whodunit follows Agent, a Columbo-style detective, as he investigates the murder of yet another Change. The story features thirteen prime suspects, including a myopic leader named Vision, a chronically tardy manager named Urgency, and an executive named Communication whose laryngitis makes communication all but impossible.

    Sound familiar? That’s because these suspects are based on real-life characters you may recognize from your own workplace. But don’t worry, Agent solves the case in a way that will inspire you to become an effective Change Agent in your own organization.

    With this book, you’ll learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that kill change initiatives and instead implement successful strategies to improve the status quo. Don’t let your organization become another statistic – become a Change Agent and lead the way to success. Get your copy today and start making a difference!

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  • Winning With People: Discover the People Principles That Work For You Every Time

    Introducing the ultimate guide to successful business and personal relationships: Winning With People by John C. Maxwell, America’s foremost leadership expert. This groundbreaking book offers 25 essential People Principles that are proven to help anyone win with people, regardless of their background or natural abilities.

    What sets successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, top salespeople, and pastors apart from the rest? It’s their ability to work with people. In this book, Maxwell reveals the secrets of building strong relationships that lead to success in all areas of life. Whether you’re looking to improve your personal relationships, advance your career, or grow your business, Winning With People has everything you need to succeed.

    Divided into five sections, each focused on a different aspect of relationship building, this book offers practical guidance on everything from building trust to creating win-win relationships. Each section includes a set of guiding People Principles that are 100 percent practical and applicable to anyone, regardless of their experience or skill level.

    Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level? Whether you’re a natural people person or struggle with social skills, Winning With People has everything you need to succeed. Order your copy today and discover the 25 People Principles that can help you win with people and achieve your goals!

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  • Your first step to freedom : Beginning The Journey To Finding Freedom From A Life-Controlling Problem

    Introducing the ultimate guide to helping someone struggling with addiction – a must-read book for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of their loved ones. Written by the renowned Don Wilkerson, this instructional and informative book is packed with over 50 years of experience and divine wisdom.

    Whether you are a church leader, youth minister, family member, or friend of someone struggling with addiction, this book is tailored to meet your needs. It offers practical and useful guidance on how to take the first step towards freedom, minister to families of addicts, intervene for loved ones, avoid relapses, and much more.

    Don Wilkerson understands the challenges that come with helping those suffering from addiction, and he wrote this book to offer you the right tools to support your loved ones in their recovery journey. His expertise and divine wisdom will guide you every step of the way, from denial to decision and beyond.

    With this book, you will learn how to identify the signs of addiction, intervene at the right time, and provide the necessary support for a successful recovery. This is not just any book, but a divine guide to changing lives and making a difference in your community.

    Get your copy today and make a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s time to help someone take the first step towards freedom and break free from addiction.

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