500 Enough is enough breakthrough prayers points

Answers await those who wait in the place of prayer. There is nothing sweet and encouraging like an answered prayer. The book of Jeremiah
33:3 says «call upon me in the days of trouble and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you did not know»(My emphasis). In other words He will show you the things scheduled for you!
Life and circumstances can never give you what you deserve but what you demand. There are times in life when one is overwhelmed with the problems of life. Though you have done all you know how to do to come out of that present predicament but it seems as if there is no way out in the natural. There will be a time in your life, when you will pray the prayer that I call «Enough is enough».
When you have reached the zenith or the wit’s end of your situation and there is no way out naturally, then you have no alternative other than to pray «enough is enough» prayer. Don’t allow the devil to continue in his whims and caprices in your life. Arise and confront him from today
because without confrontation there will be no respect and things cannot change and if things are not changed, you will still be chained!
You can join some days of fasting to your serious time of spiritual warfare for a speedy result. You have to close something to open something! Close your stomach for some days and open your breakthrough please. Use these prayer points to pray starting from 12 midnight to early hours of the morning for many days and wait for the God of miracles to answer you.

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