Positioning Yourself in the Crowd

By (author)Dr Caleb AJAGBA

We are divine products and God’s ultimate desire for us is to see us mount our thrones in order for us to reign as Kings and Priests on the earth. However, many potential Kingdom giants and world changers have chosen to hide themselves in this ‘crowded’ world. The crowd is a comfort zone that is relished by people who have chosen to remain docile and at ease with the status quo. The crowd belongs to those who have by their actions and omissions, expressed their choice to remain voiceless and unnoticed in a world that has been eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. In the crowd, you will have no opinion of your own, but will be forced to flow with what is contemporary and trendy.

This book, is therefore a wake-up call for you to come out of obscurity and from every situation that makes you lose your identity and self-worth in order to step into limelight. It challenges you to come out of your comfort zone and to stand out as a show-piece and a reference point in your field and vocation so that your uniqueness can be a touchstone for the world to appreciate the value and solution you are bringing on the table to the glory of God. The book posits that the top is where you belong and you must position yourself to move away from the crowd in order for you to come on stage. It concludes that now is your set time to manifest excellence and uniqueness in all that you do by carving a niche for yourself today if you don’t want to be left behind tomorrow!


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Contents “Positioning Yourself in the Crowd”




  1. The crowded space
  2. Work your way out of the crowd
  3. Have a superior mindset
  4. Dignify your life and what you do
  5. Dignity of labour
  6. Positioning yourself in the crowd
  7. Start off with a desire in your heart
  8. Examine yourself
  9. Seperate yourself from the crowd
  10. Show forth your uniqueness
  11. See ahead- Have a vision
  12. Dealing with criticisms
  13. Develop a workable strategy
  14. Increase your spiritual stature
  15. Start small if you desire growth
  16. Understanding times and seasons
  17. Be a proud host of Jesus
  18. Wisdom that positions in the crowd
  19. Wisdom that positions you above your competitors in the market place
  20. How you can make it in business
  21. Strategic wisdom
  22. Biblical strategies for achieving set goals
  23. Strategies for divine repositioning
  24. The recap
  25. Last line for those who appear


Conclusion “Positioning Yourself in the Crowd”

Prayer of salvation

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