Seasons of Life

The author highlights the seasons of life, portrays the variegated experiences which are common with all travellers on the highway of life. It is a motivational, didactic and faith-building book. The scriptural references are compelling. The examples are challenging while the approach is enlivening.
The anointing of encouragement dot the pages. The power of hope smells like a powerful aroma as you go through the corridor of this faith-imbuing book. The prayer points contained in this book will prove to be an invaluable weapon for breaking the backbone of discouragement.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The seasons of life

  • Breakthrough prayers
  • Prayer points
  • Different seasons
  • Sowing and reaping
  • Seasons of affliction and suffering
  • Seasons of maltreatments and injustice
  • Seasons of disappointments
  • Seasons of hatred and rejection
  • Seasons of temptations
  • Seasons of dryness
  • Seasons of divine interventions
  • Prayer points

Chapter 2: The afflictions of the righteous

  • The characteristics
  • Joseph and Jeremiah
  • The angelic presence
  • The best option
  • The divine presence
  • It shall pass away
  • The prophetic bones
  • The prophetic witness
  • Characteristics of the affliction
  • Evil patterns
  • Foundation of Evil covenants
  • It shall end
  • Prayer points

Chapter 3: Lessons from the school of tribulation

  • Moses’s lessons
  • My lessons
  • The troubleshooter
  • The enemy’s stronghold
  • Other areas of weakness
  • Deal with your weakness
  • Prayer points
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Emmanuel Menie

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