Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (DKO) or DR. D. K. OLUKOYA is the founder of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) in 1989.

He was born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria to Mr. Olukoya, a police officer, and Mrs. Olukoya, a trader. At St. John’s CAC Primary School in Akure, he was recognized as an exceptionally bright child who distinguished himself throughout his time at the school. Later, when his family moved to Lagos, he was enrolled at St. Jude’s Primary School, Ebute metta, from where he graduated with excellent results.

DKO then went to Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS), Broad Street, Lagos (founded in 1878). This is where he was born again. It was also at MBHS that he met an Indian teacher who told him one day in class, “Boys, if you want to escape poverty, READ YOUR BOOK! DKO followed this advice tenaciously, studying from 9pm to 3am every day. By the time DKO graduated from MBHS, he was the top student in his group.

In 1976, DKO was admitted to the University of Lagos (Unilag) to study microbiology. He graduated with a first class degree in microbiology from Unilag in 1980. He was the first person to have obtained a first class in this course at the university and his G.P.A is still the highest recorded so far (as of February 2010) in this course.

Shortly after graduation, DKO was awarded a scholarship to study for a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of Reading, UK. Despite the natural difficulty of the program, DKO completed his PhD in 3 years and returned to Nigeria.

On his return to Nigeria, Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA joined the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba, where his reputation as an outstanding geneticist of African descent was established. DKO established himself as an authority in the study of genetics, publishing over 70 scientific papers in a short period of time (a remarkable feat by any standard). He has also taught genetics and served as an external examiner at a number of universities. In addition, he attended and presented papers at scientific conferences in almost every continent of the world. Today, DKO continues to contribute to the field of genetics and biotechnology through the Daniel & Fola Biotechnology Foundation, a registered NGO established to provide Nigerian citizens with modern and contemporary laboratory skills in molecular biology and biotechnology.

Dr DANIEL OLUKOYA’s father, in addition to being a police officer, was also a pastor at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). Thus, he was raised in a Christian home with Christian beliefs. Throughout his school years, DKO was committed to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. His passion for Jesus and his spiritual fire grew tremendously during his PhD in the UK. DKO’s ministry is heavily influenced by the work of the late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, the founder of the CAC church. In the dedication pages of the books Rain of Prayer and Passport to Prayer, DKO writes of Apostle Babalola.


Read free extracts from his books

  • Dans la vie, la loi du cause à effet est en constante opération, c’est une vérité incontournable. Pourtant, nombre d’entre nous ne se posent pas la question essentielle : Pourquoi sommes-nous pris au piège de nos problèmes, de nos échecs répétés, et de la captivité des épreuves incessantes ? La réponse réside dans nos actes d’omission et de commission. Trop souvent, nous sommes inconsciemment assujettis à une servitude perpétuelle, à un cycle de déveine implacable, à des pertes financières à répétition, et à la manipulation diabolique.

    Le diable, rusé et puissant, a forgé une arme redoutable pour faire chuter les champions de la foi : l’armée de la séduction. Ce livre percutant dévoile les secrets de cette séduction sournoise et expose l’appât insidieux que le diable utilise pour piéger les âmes innocentes. S’appuyant sur la sagesse biblique, il vous guide sur le chemin de la libération, de la victoire et de la protection divine.

    Ne laissez plus la séduction satanique détourner votre destinée. Plongez dans les enseignements puissants de “Le Mystère de la Séduction” et découvrez comment briser ces chaînes pour vivre une vie de triomphe, de prospérité et de paix. Votre victoire commence ici, dans la lumière de la vérité biblique. Commandez votre exemplaire dès maintenant et dévoilez le mystère pour une vie transformée !

    3.625 CFA
  • 10 Reasons, 10 Rules, 10 Weapons

    10 Reasons, 10 Rules, 10 Weapons Are you fighting the inevitable battles of life for the wrong reasons, with the wrong rules and with the wrong weapons? “Not all fingers are appropriate to pick the nose”. Ignorance can damage you and your chances in life. Physical weapons against spiritual problems will surely bring defeat. The servant of God has again been inspired to dwell on reasons, rules and weapons for the battles of life, from an uncommon point of view. Please read on!

    4.500 CFA
  • 100 Facts About Idolatry

    The Author has undertaken an uncommon analysis of the mystery of Idolatry. Since most people from the black race come from a background that is neck deep in idol worship, there is a great need for examining the consequences and the results of involvement with idol worship, either personal or ancestral. This book unearths as well as unfolds lots of foundational problem that many people are unaware of. Idolatry is defined; the practices are outlined, while the consequences are laid bare. This book is thoroughly scriptural, completely edifying and totally beneficial to the reader. The uncommon approach, the exhaustive content and the powerful prayer points in this book will enable the reader to get rid of problems emanating from idol worship and ancient demonic practices which are undoubtedly part of the historic experiences of a lot of people in many part of the world.

    5.000 CFA
  • 100 steeping high instructions for singles

    Praying with violence in order for you to have answers from God in any prayer tournament goes beyond strictly adhering to all spiritual instructions or having determination. It attracts further demands from you than that.

    The prayer points assigned for each are faith-boosting, heaven-provoking, and testimony-bringing.

    Most importantly, answers to prayers are what must be attained if you must call it a successful spiritual trip, therefore, activate your faith and determination to blast your heaven open for divine attention.

    7.800 CFA
  • 101 Armes Du Combat Spirituel

    Jamais dans l’histoire du monde il n’y a eu d’ère de guerre, tant physique que spirituelle, comme cette ère. C’est une ère de guerre plus difficile. De plus en plus de personnes sont soumises à l’esclavage, plus qu’à toute autre période de l’histoire humaine. Il existe des cas d’esclavage profond, d’attaques rares contre la famille et d’horribles événements dans la vie des individus. Le diable a fait beaucoup de ravages sur l’humanité. La Bible a décrit en termes vivants que Dieu est conscient de la grande série d’hostilités démoniaques. Par conséquent, le Saint-Esprit a publié les révélations prophétiques de ce livre afin de nous mettre en bonne place pour un rôle unique en cette fin des temps. Ce manuel est le premier du genre.

    Dieu est conscient de la grande avalanche des hostilités démoniaques. C’est pourquoi le Saint-Esprit a vomi des révélations prophétiques dans ce livre afin de nous placer dans une bonne place pour
    votre rôle unique dans cette fin des temps. Ce manuel est le premier de ce genre.

    Ce manuel dépasse toute la totalité des armes nucléaires mises ensemble par les nations du monde. Dieu a juste lancé une catégorie d’armes qui n’a jamais été recherchée ou présentée dans notre histoire globale.

    Ceci est le sommet de la délivrance. Nous sommes au seuil d’un réveil du combat spirituel. L’effet large et étendue sera mieux décrit comme Incroyable.

    C’est le sommet de la délivrance. Nous sommes le seuil d’un renouveau de la guerre spirituelle. Le balayage et l’effet de grande portée seront mieux décrits comme impressionnants!

    14.000 CFA
  • 101 Weapons Of Spiritual Warfare

    101 Weapons of Spiritual Warfare Never in the history of the world has there been an era of war, both physical and spiritual, like this era. This is a tougher era of warfare.More people are under bondage now, more than in any other period of human history. There are cases of deep bondage, uncommon attacks against the family and horrendous occurrences in the lives of individuals. The devil has wreaked a lot of havoc upon humanity. The bible has described in vivid terms that God is aware of the high spate of demonic hostilities. Hence the Holy Spirit has released the prophetic revelations in this book in order to place us in good stead for a unique role in this end times. This manual is the first of its kind. This is the apex of deliverance. We are the threshold of a revival of spiritual warfare. The sweeping and the far reaching effect shall be best described as awesome!

    12.000 CFA
  • 20 MARCHING ORDERS fulfil your destiny

    20 Marching Orders To Fulfill Your Destiny is a ground breaking book. In this book, the Author has given us words of wisdom to live by, laced with powerful Scriptures, striking illustrations and thought provoking anecdotes. This book will produce champions. The approach is uncommon, the prayer points are explosives, while the total outlook is exhaustive as well as readable. The book is a companion that will make life’s journey a successful sojourn.

    14.000 CFA
  • 214 Facts About Fear & Worry

    “Fear, a malevolent spirit that has shackled countless souls throughout the annals of time, serves as a nefarious tool employed by the devil to imprison and dismantle lives. It is an insidious force that recognizes no boundaries of age, status, or nationality, indiscriminately tormenting its victims and often culminating in untimely deaths. However, in the pages of this transformative book, fear is laid bare, its mystique unraveled, and its malevolence demystified.

    The author embarks on a courageous journey to expose the intricate workings of fear, peeling back the layers that shroud its true nature. Fear is not merely an emotional response; it is a spiritual force that seeks to paralyze and control. By demystifying fear, the book unravels the mechanisms through which it entangles individuals, shedding light on the tactics employed by the adversary to maintain his grip on the hearts and minds of humanity.

    Crucially, this profound exploration does not leave readers defenseless in the face of fear’s onslaught. Instead, it arms them with potent weapons – spiritual and mental tools – to conquer fear and emerge as true champions of faith. The author delves into the arsenal of faith, providing readers with the knowledge and insights needed to dismantle the stronghold fear has erected within their lives.

    Each page unfolds as a strategic battle plan, offering not only a comprehensive understanding of fear but also a step-by-step guide on how to liberate oneself from its clutches. The weapons provided are not mere theoretical concepts but practical, actionable steps that empower individuals to confront and overcome fear head-on.

    Moreover, the book emphasizes that conquering fear is not a passive endeavor but an active engagement with one’s faith. It challenges readers to confront their fears with courage, resilience, and an unwavering belief in a higher power. By fostering a mindset of faith, the author encourages a transformative shift, enabling individuals to navigate life’s challenges with newfound strength and resilience.

    In essence, this book is a beacon of hope and empowerment for those ensnared by the clutches of fear. It serves as a guide to liberation, equipping individuals with the tools needed to break free from the chains that bind them and to step into a future marked by courage, faith, and the triumphant spirit of a true champion.”

    9.000 CFA
  • 30 Poverty Destroying Keys

    Poverty is plaguing the lives of many Christians because they are ignorant of how to overcome this enemy of mankind. Poverty has killed many people and has demoted a lot destinies in so many ways. The Author in this book gives the keys to resist this dangerous enemy. Also herein, he gives the conditions for God’s blessing. This book will promote your destiny. Don’t miss it.

    5.000 CFA
  • 30 Prophetic Arrows from Heaven

    In this era of increased spiritual hostilities, you need uncommon weapons of victory. The arrows of God’s deliverance are one mysterious weapon taht will always paralyze the emissaries of darkness and make evil diviners mad. Thirty Prophetic Arrows from Heaven is a systematic prophetic guide which can be used on daily basis to frustrate the agenda of wicked powers militating against your destiny. Each prophetic arrow has been divinely programmed to deal with specific problems.  You have in your hands an array of prophetic arrows that are spiritually empowered to make eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood to go into a mission of self destruction. These prophetic arrows will provoke fresh testimonies.

    5.000 CFA
  • 30 Things The Anointing Can Do For You

    30 Things Anointing Can Do For You: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Divine Anointing”

    In the realm of spiritual empowerment, “30 Things Anointing Can Do For You” stands as a unique and enlightening exploration of the profound subject of anointing. Anointing, often described as the burden-removing and yoke-breaking power of God, holds the key to supernatural functionality for both men and women. It is the divine catalyst that empowers individuals to operate beyond natural limitations, enabling them to accomplish feats that transcend the ordinary.

    Authored under the influence of this potent anointing, this book is a comprehensive guide that unpacks the manifold ways in which anointing can impact and transform your life. Rather than merely conceptualizing anointing as a theological abstraction, the author, operating under the anointing’s divine influence, presents a tangible and practical framework for understanding its capabilities.

    Anointing, when activated, becomes the driving force that propels individuals to perform supernatural feats. The book intricately details how anointing serves as the conduit through which divine power flows, imparting the ability to achieve extraordinary things beyond human comprehension. It transcends the mundane and ushers believers into a realm of limitless possibilities, fostering an environment where the supernatural becomes a natural occurrence.

    The thirty revelations within this book unveil the myriad dimensions of anointing, showcasing its multifaceted nature. From healing the sick to breaking strongholds, anointing emerges as a dynamic force with the capacity to bring about transformative change in various aspects of life. The author skillfully navigates through each revelation, providing insights that bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application.

    This book is a must-read for those passionate about delving into the depths of the anointing and harnessing the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a resource that not only imparts knowledge but also serves as a guide for individuals seeking to activate and maximize the potential of anointing in their lives. Through the pages of this insightful work, readers are invited to embark on a journey that unveils the untapped reservoirs of anointing, encouraging them to embrace a life marked by divine empowerment, supernatural accomplishments, and an intimate connection with the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into this transformative exploration of the profound impact that anointing can have on your spiritual journey.”

    4.500 CFA
  • 40 Rules For Effective Deliverance

    Three categories of people miss out greatly on the immense benefits of the deliverance ministry – those who are ignorant of the deliverance ministry and its purposes, those who do not believe in deliverance, and those who do not know how to obtain genuine and complete deliverance.This book is written for all three categories so they can find help and be free. It unravels the mysteries surrounding deliverance, makes it clearer and easier to understand Practical, instructive and life-changing, Forty Rules for Effective Deliverance is one of the greatest deliverance manuals ever written. It will keep you from becoming and remaining a permanent deliverance candidate.

    10.000 CFA
  • 70 Règles du combat spirituel

    Découvrez les “70 Règles du Combat Spirituel” – le manuel indispensable pour notre époque. Ce livre émet le feu de la sagesse biblique, offrant un guide essentiel à toute personne engagée dans la lutte spirituelle en ces temps de la fin. Les règles exposées, éprouvées et testées, sont le fruit de recherches approfondies menées par un expert en combat spirituel, reconnu comme un phénomène dans le domaine de la délivrance et de la lutte contre les forces obscures.

    Grâce à l’application de ces règles, leur efficacité sera démontrée. Les prières soigneusement recueillies dans ce livre produiront des résultats fantastiques. Pratique, bien structuré et prophétique, ce livre se révèle être un compagnon inestimable pour tous ceux dont la passion est la victoire incontestable.

    Ne manquez pas l’opportunité d’acquérir ce précieux manuel de combat spirituel. Laissez-vous guider par les 70 règles et découvrez comment surmonter les obstacles, triompher des adversités et vivre une vie remplie de succès spirituel. C’est un investissement sûr pour votre croissance personnelle et votre relation avec Dieu.

    Rejoignez le mouvement des combattants spirituels déterminés. Obtenez votre exemplaire des “70 Règles du Combat Spirituel” dès aujourd’hui et embrassez une vie de victoire indiscutable.

    7.000 CFA
  • 70 Rules Of Spiritual Warfare

    70 Rules of Spiritual Warfare is an indispensable manual. This book emits fire. It is a classic which everyone involved in spiritual warfare will treasure in these end times. The exposition of these tested and proven rules is a product of thorough research by a spiritual warfare expert who has blazed the trail as a global phenomenon in the field of deliverance and spiritual warfare. The rules will prove efficacious with application. The prayer points included will produce fantastic results. It is handy, well articulated and prophetic. This is an invaluable companion for everyone whose passion is unchallengeable victory.

    7.000 CFA
  • Amenez le combat à la porte de l’ennemis

    Découvrez le livre inspirant “Amenez le Combat à la Porte de l’Ennemi” qui vous guidera à travers les pages de la sagesse biblique. L’auteur trace une ligne claire de démarcation entre le combat à l’offensive et à la défensive, révélant la distinction entre le conquérant et le conquis. Ce livre révèle que pendant longtemps, les enfants de Dieu n’ont pas été proactifs, mais il est temps de changer cela. Chaque chapitre présente des défis à relever et vous découvrirez que la victoire est pour ceux qui sont à l’offensive. L’heure est venue de relever le défi et d’amener le combat à la porte de l’ennemi. Les puissants points de prières offensifs révélés dans ce livre briseront les portes des ténèbres qui vous entourent. Laissez-vous enseigner comment arrêter l’ennemi avant qu’il ne vous arrête. Préparez-vous à transformer votre vie et à marcher avec audace dans la victoire que Dieu a préparée pour vous.

    Dr. Daniel OLUKOYA

    3.000 CFA
  • Armes Spirituel

    Découvrez “Armes Spirituelles : La Clé de la Victoire”, un livre révolutionnaire du renommé auteur Olukoya qui plonge au cœur de la sagesse biblique pour vous armer d’une puissance inégalée. En explorant les véritables armes spirituelles et en vous apprenant à les manier avec habileté, ce livre devient votre guide ultime pour semer le carnage dans le camp de l’adversaire. Désormais, la passivité ne fait plus partie de votre réalité, car vous êtes destiné(e) à triompher dans tous les aspects spirituels de votre vie.

    Ce chef-d’œuvre de la connaissance vous invite à embrasser votre identité de vainqueur et à exercer votre autorité spirituelle avec confiance. Grâce aux enseignements inspirés de la Bible, vous apprendrez à utiliser les armes spirituelles telles que la prière, le jeûne, la méditation et la déclaration de la Parole de Dieu pour renverser les obstacles qui se dressent devant vous. Soyez prêt(e) à affronter les défis avec une assurance renouvelée et à vivre une vie d’abondance, de victoire et de paix, car “Armes Spirituelles : La Clé de la Victoire” est là pour vous équiper en vue d’une transformation spirituelle radicale.

    4.800 CFA
  • Arresting the Arrester

    Arresting the Arrester Knowing that he has a short time left, the enemy is on the rampage to militate, checkmate and possibly arrest every child of Cod. His arresting agenda is manifested in stunted spiritual growth, destiny derailment, stolen virtues, caged glories, poverty, physical debility and even death. As a believer and an end-time warrior, you need a strategy to arrest the arrester of your destiny. You also need a full knowledge of the identity and tricks of your potential arrester. These needs are met with insightful perspicacity and depth in this new book by one of God’s generals that the Lord has gifted this generation. The blueprint for spiritual victory as revealed in the book will show you the ingredients of Christ’s winning strategy. You are therefore enjoined to study and appropriate this strategy; as you put on the battle-gear of a prayer warrior, turn the tide against the arrester and begin to claim your divine glory and destined rights in Christ Jesus.

    5.700 CFA
  • Arrêtez les avant qu’ils ne vous arrêtent

    Arrêter-les avant qu’ils ne vous arrêtent est un livre révolutionnaire, un manuel inestimable pour ceux qui
    veulent émerger comme des vainqueur dans la bataille de la vie. Chaque chapitre est rempli de vérité révélatrice, concernant le combat offensif, vous serez défier à vous levez et arrêter les ennemis qui veulent vous arrêter.

    Ce livre fera de vous un vainqueur. Vous découvrirez les secrets cachés qui en retour, fera de vous un géant intouchable. L’approche est pragmatique. L’application des écritures aux vraies situations de la vie est provoquant et les points de prières sont prophétiques. Ce livre fera de vous un guerrier de feu. De plus, il peut transmettre en vous la sagesse derrière arrêter les poursuivants avant qu’ils ne vous arrêtent.

    Dr Daniel OLUKOYA

    4.400 CFA
  • Arrêtez-Les Avant Qu’ils Ne Vous Arrêtent !

    Découvrez “Arrêtez-Les Avant Qu’ils Ne Vous Arrêtent” – le livre qui vous guidera vers la victoire assurée dans la bataille de la vie. Inspiré par la sagesse biblique, ce manuel précieux est un véritable trésor pour ceux qui aspirent à triompher. Chaque chapitre renferme des vérités révélatrices sur l’art de la guerre offensive. Vous y apprendrez les étapes essentielles pour obtenir une victoire incontestable. Préparez-vous à relever le défi et à arrêter vos ennemis avant même qu’ils ne songent à vous arrêter.

    Ce livre vous transformera en véritable vainqueur. Grâce à ses secrets, vous deviendrez un géant spirituel, inaccessible à toute atteinte. Son approche pragmatique vous permettra d’appliquer les Écritures à des situations concrètes de votre vie. Les points de prière qu’il propose sont profondément prophétiques, vous guidant ainsi vers des prières puissantes et impactantes.

    Devenez un guerrier intrépide grâce à “Arrêtez-Les Avant Qu’ils Ne Vous Arrêtent”. Ce livre vous conférera une sagesse exceptionnelle, vous permettant d’anticiper et d’arrêter vos ennemis avant même qu’ils ne songent à vous défier. Ne laissez plus les obstacles entraver votre chemin vers le succès et la réalisation de votre destinée.

    Plongez dans cet ouvrage inspirant et puissant qui vous propulsera vers des horizons insoupçonnés. Laissez la sagesse biblique vous guider dans votre quête de la victoire. Ne laissez plus les circonstances dicter votre vie, mais prenez le contrôle de votre destinée avec confiance et assurance.

    Commandez dès maintenant “Arrêtez-Les Avant Qu’ils Ne Vous Arrêtent” et découvrez comment vous pouvez devenir un guerrier tison, allumant le feu de la victoire dans chaque aspect de votre existence. Ne laissez pas les ennemis vous ralentir ou vous freiner, soyez prêt à les arrêter avant même qu’ils ne lèvent le petit doigt. Ce livre vous offre les clés pour une vie de triomphe et d’accomplissement.

    4.400 CFA
  • Basic Prayer Patterns

    Basic Prayer Patterns challenges the reader to examine the primacy of prayer. Prayer is practically defined. Types of prayer are listed. Opportunities for prayer are brought out in Basic Prayer Patterns. This book will draw you to the place of prayer. You will discover the various ways you can take your requests to God. The benefits of using various patterns in prayer are directly and indirectly brought out. The method is topical. The approach is practical.The scope is encompassing. This book will take you to vast fields of prayer. You will discover that prayer is one spiritual exercise which you can be involved in and gain unprecedented benefits. This book will make you an expert in the prayer ministry.

    4.500 CFA