The Amazing Power of Faith

The amazing power of faith is a new revelation given to us by God. It will lead to fresh discoveries concerning the amazing power of faith. It will teach you secrets of victory in every battle, healing of all diseases, help in all situations and how to overcome every enemy. Faith is described, the benefits of faith are listed, the power of faith is highlighted, helpers of faith are revealed and the manifestations of faith are expounded. This book will take you to higher realms of faith are quoted copiously. Testimonies are given. Faith boosting prayer points are also included. This book will enhance your faith and guarantee your breakthroughs.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The peril of doubt

  • Do not puncture your miracle
  • Grasshoppers ?
  • The power of faith
  • Prayer points

Chapter 2: The mystery of opened eyes

  • If eyes were opened
  • The mystery lady
  • Spiritual sight
  • Seeing clearly
  • Keys to sight
  • Prayer points

Chapter 3: Only believe

  • The force of fear
  • Prayer points

Chapter 4: Encourage yourself

  • Tommorow’s debt
  • A personal decision
  • An expensive tool
  • What is grasshopper spirit ?
  • What, then, is the medicine against
  • Discouragement ?
  • Edge of success
  • Prayer points


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Emmanuel Menie

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